A New Beginning

The old is gone, the new is come.

My ambition is to become a brilliant communicator. I want to learn how to use the multitude of tools the twenty-first century gives us to communicate on a scale that never before could have been imagined, without losing the essential humanity and intimacy of one-on-one conversation. I want to use the internet to connect with people I never would have had the chance to interact with face-to-face, and also to reconnect with people face-to-face who I have once known but since lost touch with.

To this end, I intend to begin blogging here before the end of the month. I will begin by considering the question ‘Why’ as it pertains to the activity here proposed. I intend to blog at least weekly. I refrain from promising more because I want this to be sustainable: I want to have at least fifty posts up here by February 2013, I want to have at least one hundred by 2014.

I want this blog to be a place where questions are asked and answers are honestly attempted. I want this to be a place where curiousity is free to bloom. For to be creative is to be curious, and to be human is to be creative because made in the image of a creative God. As just given away, this blog will include unashamed referencing of the Biblical text, for this is how my mind has been trained. But I hope that this will be a place where the pagan and the atheist feel able to come and offer comment and critique of my attempts to understand the world.

Anyway. Here we go. The blog of a mere human.



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