The Harvest Is Ripe!

This is the fifth part in a series of posts on The Circuit Riders school.
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It’s been a crazy few days, with too much happening to have any time to let you the watching world know all that’s been happening. Let’s see what I can manage in this next half hour…

On Monday night, Brian Brennt was speaking from Matthew 10 on the Commission we have to go and preach the gospel. And it’s so good to be reminded of the fact that the harvest is ripe. And though we doubt and become dismayed by the lack of response to the gospel, we can simply remind ourselves that THUS SAITH THE LORD. And if we’re not seeing the response we long to see, the problem’s not a lack of ripe harvest, but a lack of workers.

But Monday night was about more than just teaching on the fact of the Great Commission and the promise of harvest. No! It was itself a genuine commissioning to go and do it. And Brian invited missionary statesman Lynn Green (who’s been with YWAM since its first School of Evangelism, back in the days before YWAM even did the Discipleship Training School) up on stage to encourage us with his story and to pray for us. And his story is pretty cool, so I’ll share a few details:

Arriving in Switzerland for the first School of Evangelism (back in the days before YWAM did the DTS) only to discover that he’d forgotten the to bring the address with him. But he could remember a PO Box number, so he managed to get himself to a Lausanne post office (which by the grace of God happened to be the right post office!) and stuck a note on the PO Box to say that if anyone from YWAM came they should wake up the man sleeping in the corner. And Loren Cunningham arrived a few hours later to check the daily mail and found Lynn! Thus began a beautiful friendship.

Later, Loren invited Lynn to come with him to do some preaching–but barely a week into this, Loren left Lynn to lead the team on his own while Loren headed elsewhere. So Lynn found himself suddenly leading a team: not quite sure what he was doing, and somewhat frustrated at Loren for abandoning him. But they made their way to a little town called Eagle Grove in Iowa, and arranged to lead some youth meetings. And at one of these, as Lynn tried to close the meeting before it got too late with some simple prayer — revival broke out! As the youth group began to pray simply from their hearts, the Holy Spirit came on them, convicting them of their sins and then assuring them of their forgiveness. And the next evening they brought their friends to experience the same power of the gospel that had just become real to them.

And then Lynn and his wife Marty prayed for us all, releasing us to do the same things they have done and greater! So that was Monday. Then on Tuesday, Taryn and I discovered that we are leading the Circuit Riders outreach team to London.

We had the chance to meet up with them yesterday lunchtime for some prayer and worship, and wow! they are an amazing team. Full of faith and joy and zeal. And it is a privilege to serve with them. We’re not quite sure yet about all the details of which churches we’ll be working with and so on.

But we do know that we’ll be on our way to London on Saturday morning, in time to join the kingdom flashmob in Trafalgar Square at 2pm.

Please join us if you can!



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