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This is the fourth part in a series of posts on The Circuit Riders school. The third is here, the second is here, and the first here.

The weekend is over, and the second week of Circuit Riders training begins!

And for those of you who prefer less words and more live action video footage, we’ve got some of the latter specially for you. With just a little brief commentary.


Interviews With Some Circuit Riders

A few interviews with some of the beautiful Circuit Riders, starting with the incredible Paul. Who is going to be one of those guys that has books written about him. And then the joyful Francis from Germany, who was on my DTS outreach! Note too the tents that people have been staying in. (Although admittedly I’ve been in my comfortable little flat…)

The Radical Servant Song

This is the Brian Brennt that I mentioned before, singing the (lyrically simple but theologically profound) ‘Radical Servant’ song. Which is another one of the core values of the ‘Revival Culture’ of these we Circuit Riders. And this was the end of Friday evening’s message about humility. Which you might be able to download somewhere — if anyone tells me where, then I’ll put up the link.

We’re Bananas For Jesus

Sunday afternoon we were in Luton doing evangelism among the crowds that were gathered to see the Olympic torch come through the town, and also to see the Love Luton carnival parade. And here, campaigning for justice in Fairtrade banana costumes are a couple of YWAMers. Who (like all of us in YWAM) are “bananas for Jesus”.

Oh — and I should probably say — while we were doing evangelism, several more people accepted Jesus! Do you mind if I keep mentioning that whenever it happens?



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