I Am (Not) A YWAM Spokesperson

Here I am, a week on from publicly repenting of my failure to keep my blog regularly updated, and if I am to stay true to my declaration that I would now be attempting once again to maintain some consistency and post (at least?) once each week, then today is the day that a post needs to appear.

Which shouldn’t be a problem–ever! All I have to do is fearlessly bare my soul in writing. And it shouldn’t take more than half an hour or so to produce a thousand words’ reflection on some topic or other. Particularly when I don’t need to try too hard to suit my style of speech to the (unpredictable) audience that might or might not choose to divert some minutes of their life in perusing this little blog of mine.

I am not a YWAM spokesperson
So today’s post is a celebration of the fact that I am no longer blogging as an official YWAM spokesperson — as I was during the summer Circuit Riders school (this, this, and this), and (failingly) attempted to for the recent DTS with which we were involved (here). Today I am not an official spokesperson of the indescribable entity that it is Youth With A Mission. No, today I am once again simply Peter Prescott, a mere human.

It’s not that I mind representing YWAM
Having said that, I am fully aware that simply being a signed-up, full-time, un-paid (that last one actually has nothing to do with it) member of YWAM means that inevitably the things that I write influence the way people perceive this particular missionary fellowship. In YWAM we call this ‘3-D Communication’ — being aware that everything you might say, particularly on the internet, is always going to be heard not only by the people you think you are speaking to (audience 1), but also by people you didn’t think you were speaking to (audience 2), and quite possibly also by the people you were talking about (audience 3). This enforced transparency was actually one of my original 5 reasons for starting this blog.

But ‘official spokespersons’ are not very YWAM
And it strikes me that it is actually a mistake to describe anyone as an ‘official spokesperson’ of YWAM. For we are not a bureaucratic organisation with official views that must be blandly recapitulated in acceptably inoffensive fashion–by no means! We are an odd tribe of pioneering volunteers, brought together by our various stumbling attempts to hear and obey the voice of the living God. Yes, YWAM has a few shared values (okay, a list of 18 core values is maybe more than ‘a few’), but one of those is an explicit disavowal of all things centralised and bureaucratic.

Aside: What about YWAM Comms?
That said, there are YWAM ‘Communication Teams’, and I do not mean to deny their existence or undermine their role. But if you go to the mission statement of, for example, the European Communication Team (EuroCom), you will find that they do not claim to be the voice of everything YWAM in Europe. No! They “believe that everyone is a communicator” and their role is to “equip” and “empower” the rest of YWAM to communicate all the better. So that’s not much different to what I’ve been saying then.

YWAM (non-)spokespeople of the world, unite!
It is with that in mind that I have been fishing the big pond that is the internet in search of other YWAMers who make their thoughts visible for the world to see. And this for three reasons:
i) for myself, to satisfy my own curiousity and perhaps to learn from those doing the job better than I am how better to (not) be a YWAM spokesperson;
ii) for you, whoever you are who read this blog, that you might have a broader sample base to help give you some idea of what this YWAM thing I am involved with is;
iii) for those YWAMers who blog, that they would know that they are not alone, that I appreciate and approve of their efforts.

Some other YWAM voices
So here a few other YWAM bloggers that I know personally:
Miranda Heathcote (although after five years of prolific blogging, she seems to be concluding this blog)
Lucy Burrows
Sam and Beth Wallace
Jessica Carenco
Nick Holding
Jonathan Franks’ DTS and School of Evangelism blogs
Sodangi’s HIS blog

And if that doesn’t satisfy your appetite, then I’m putting links to all the YWAM blogs I can find on my Tumblr.

What other YWAM bloggers are there out there? Who are your favourites?



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