Start The Way You Mean To Continue

This article was written for YWAM England’s ADVANCE magazine.

Start the way you mean to continue. That had been the phrase I felt God speaking as we moved to Cambridge to help pioneer the Revival & Reformation DTS. And God took no time in getting things started!

It was the first full day of the DTS, and after two hours praying and worshipping (these two hours have been the centre of our daily rhythm) I was giving our new trainees a simple tour of Cambridge. I came to the popular buskers’ pitch outside Holy Trinity church: ‘So we might try and do some street-preaching here…’

‘—Show us!’ interrupted one of the trainees.

And so I switched from talking about Cambridge in conversational tones to proclaiming the simple love of Jesus – and watched as by-passers began adding themselves to our little crowd. Some asked questions and we found ourselves talking with a few university students, who promised that they would go home and begin reading a gospel!

Realising that this was the beginning of the breakthrough in street evangelism we had been praying our DTS would experience, the next afternoon (after our 1-3pm prayer time) we gave the trainees a little bit of simple training with the multi-coloured gospel bracelet (the green bead represents creation—we’re made to know the love of God; the black represents sin—the reason we don’t experience that love; the red is love, demonstrated through the [red] blood of Christ which cleanses us from sin; white is forgiveness, God’s free gift to all who trust in Jesus; blue is the Holy Spirit, by whom we can be born again; and yellow is heaven—of which we can have perfect assurance) and sent them out tell whoever they could about Jesus.

Lukas sharing the gospel
Lukas, one of our trainees, had been trying to share the gospel with someone else, when “suddenly this guy comes up behind me and says—‘Tell me that story! … Tell me this colour and that colour…’ And I asked him, would you like to be sure that you can be clean from your sins and have Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, he said ‘Yeah’ and we prayed a simple prayer and he started smiling—he’d had a moment of enlightenment!”

The following weekend, Akira and Hannah (trainees), met a Chinese girl: “She had arrived as student from China on the Monday. We shared the gospel bracelet with her, she took it said she wanted to find out more. She prayed there on the street, and she said she could feel the love of God inside of her. She was overwhelmed by it and joined us at the celebration at the church afterwards”.

In total during our DTS lecture phase we’ve seen about one hundred and fifty responses to the simple gospel message—truly it is “the power of God to all who believe”.



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