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Sing unto the Lord a new song! Sing unto the Lord, all the earth! Ps. 96:1

Almost every afternoon, I have the privilege of spending two hours in worship and prayer with about a dozen hungry worshippers, desperate to experience the transforming presence of the Spirit of God. And as we have spent this time together in God’s presence, the new songs have come–not out of any concerted effort to write them, but simply out of the over-spilling free-flowing well of worship released as we lifted our hearts before the throne of grace, and let our tongues begin to follow.

At various intervals it has been suggested that some of these songs might be recorded, but this had never quite happened. Until it dawned upon us that our beloved sister Haley was about to fly home to America, and suddenly we decided to do whatever possible to make something happen. Except nothing seemed to be falling into place: the Hub studio where Taryn has previously recorded was completely booked up, and even Chris with all of his Cambridge connections seemed to be having no luck in finding a place for us to record. I thought we’d have to call it all off, although Chris remained confident something could happen.

Finally on Friday he texted to say recording would be happening–in our house!

And with the help of some talented technicians from ARU, who used our kitchen serving hatch to feed cables through to a very professional set of microphones and assorted recording equipment, the sound of the worship of our house (recently christened the ‘Glory House’) has now been captured. Release date to be announced, but I’ve already heard the first mix of Pour It Out, and I’m very much looking forward to the rest.



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