Partnering with YFC to ‘Be The Change’


We cancelled our usual rhythm of DTS teaching, small groups, prayer and worship so that we could spend the half-term week serving with YFC’s ‘Be The Change’ mission week.

They’d signed up several youth groups from Cambridge and the surrounding area to come and be part of reaching out in simple missional activity to three different parts of the city: Arbury, Barnwell and Cherry Hinton. Me and Taryn were part of the Arbury team, which was fantastic as this is actually our local community. We were involved in an afternoon kid’s club based at our very own Church of the Good Shepherd, and I also joined in with some of the cage football that the visiting YFC Nomad team were doing to draw in local kids.

In the mornings we started off with worship and teaching, and then in the afternoons we split up into our different teams to head to the different projects that we were part of.
I had the chance to preach on one of the mornings, as an emergency back-up for one of the speakers who had just fallen ill. I was able to talk about Jonah, and the incredible encouragement it is that if God can use a missionary like him (a single man in need of some serious discipleship!) to bring revival and reformation to a great city (about the size of Cambridge!), then he can use any of us.

It was interesting being involved with a missional event organised by a different organisation — Cambridge YFC is definitely not YWAM Cambridge. But it’s so good to see that what God is doing in our city is so much bigger than our little team! But I have to say that the highlight of the week was, without a shadow of a doubt, Isaac standing up on his own two feet for the first time in his life.



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