#LoveCambridge Mission Week


Spent this last week involved with the #LoveCambridge Mission Week. Also taking part were the members of the Revival DTS team (a couple of whom were still arriving as the week progressed), the DTS outreach team from Australia’s YWAM Newcastle (though just because they’ve done their DTS lecture phase in Australia, it doesn’t mean that the team members are all from Australia!), and the NYK youth group from Carlisle. So about forty of us in total.

Each day started with worship, teaching — on faith, freedom from fear, living in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, and the call to mission — and practical training on how to do the work of an evangelist. Then in the afternoons everyone went out into Cambridge to share the simple message of Jesus with the people that they met. And they returned with testimonies of people having heard the gospel and responded in faith!

A big thank-you to Arbury Road Baptist Church for letting us use their building, and to all the people who came from far afield to be part of the week.



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