#markMark 12:35-44

In Summary
…God hates all your show! Your pretentious prayers, your ostentatious offerings, your religious robes, and your (honestly) hell-bound hypocrisy! The question isn’t how much God wants you to tithe — the challenge is to surrender everything completely to God.

And yet for all of the sins of the religious, it’s still worth studying the Scriptures — and even aggressively wrestling over what it means! — because it’s in Scripture that we encounter the reality of who Jesus is. And it’s only Jesus that can bring revival & reformation to our widow-wounding worldviews.

Passage: Mark 12:35-44


Present: Peter & Taryn + Isaac; Ryan; Linda + Adam; Sam; Angela + Alex + Jed
Eating: Baked Fish w/ Cheese & Mustard Topping, New Potatoes, Green Beans; Banoffee Pie

– the teachers of the law
– Jesus
– ‘the Christ’
– ‘the Son of David’
– David himself
– the Holy Spirit
– the Lord
– ‘my [ie. David’s] Lord’
– ‘your [ie. David’s] enemies’
– the large crowd
– widows
– ‘such men’ [whose religion is ‘for a show’]

– the crowd giving money
– many rich people
– a poor widow
– disciples

– the temple courts
– ‘the place where the offerings were put’ = ‘the temple treasury’
[these are the two main stages where the action takes place in this passage, but the following are also locations that are mentioned, and whose significance might be worth meditating upon]
– ‘at my [ie. the Lord’s] right hand’
– ‘under your [ie. David’s] feet’
– ‘in the market-places’
– ‘in the synagogues’
– ‘the places of honour at banquets’
– ‘widows’ houses’

teaching, asked, say, speaking, declared, said, calls, listened, taught [lots of talking words]
sit, put, watch out, walk around, be greeted, devour, make lengthy prayers, be punished, sat down, watched, putting money, threw in large amounts, came, put in, calling, tell, put, gave, put, live

– ‘Put [money]’ x4 + ‘put [enemies under Christ’s feet]’
– widows + ‘a poor widow’ x2
– ‘most [important seats] + ‘most [severely punished]’
financial terminology: ‘money’, treasury x2, ‘copper coins’ (lepta), ‘penny’ (kodrantes), poor x2 + poverty, rich + ‘large amounts’ + wealth

Questions & Comments

On that subject…

– Ron Sider’s book Rich Christians In An Age of Hunger explores the issue of wealth and responsibility — in a way that not everyone agrees with!

– In particular, John Schneider’s The Good of Affluence argues the opposite side. Interestingly, given our discussion yesterday, he even explicitly remarks that “while I do not accept the major wealth-negative premise of ‘radical Christianity’, as it is often called, I do not wish my approach to be confused with that of the ‘Prosperity Gospel’, either.”

Jon Foreman‘s song ‘I Hate All Your Show’ sums up God’s feelings on religious hypocrisy rather well in his paraphrase of Amos 5.



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