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Don’t just wander through life, so impressed by all that you see that you’re constantly saying ‘Ooh, look!’ (This is a word for our Instagram generation.) As often as not the miracles are false, and the monuments fall apart. But there is one who is worth calling all the nations to come and see — for a day is coming when every eye will behold the true glory of God, coming to restore true justice. In the meantime we must keep watch as ones who know that labour pains mean that new life is about to arrive!

Remember this–while it is true that many terrible things must happen before the end of the world as we know it, there is one thing that Mark says that we must actively do: preach the gospel to all nations.

Eating: Tagliatelle Carbonara; Cabbage, Mushrooms and Olives; Apple Strudel and Ice-cream
Present: Peter & Taryn + Isaac; Sophie; Linda + Adam; Angela + Alex + Jed; (Stefen + Bruce for lunch).
Passage: Mark 13:1-37

As usual we spent some time scribbling on Scripture to work out what’s going on in the passage:

Then eventually we come to the
Questions & Comments


On that subject…
— Our friend Dan Baumann has an amazing testimony of how he was imprisoned (in Iran!) for the gospel, and when he came before trial he experienced the Holy Spirit giving him the boldness and the words to testify of the love of Jesus to his persecutors. That part of the story is from 7:40 to 8:52 in the video below, but the whole thing is well worth watching!

— Mike Bickle has some thoughts on the Abomination of Desolation.

— And here’s my own teaching on the humanity of Jesus, in particular the way he relied on the Spirit to do miracles; and a more general discussion of spiritual gifts.



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