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…Just as he had foretold, Jesus is betrayed, arrested, forsaken. Even as he wrestles in prayer with God the Father to establish whether there is any other possible way for salvation to be accomplished (there’s not), he stands assured in his identity: still referring to God as ‘Abba’, still speaking of what is to happen ‘after I am raised up’. And when he is at last asked straightforwardly who he is, Jesus confesses the truth: that he is ‘the Christ, the son of the Blessed [God]’. Then we have the disciples. They’re confused, they’re bewildered, they’re tired. They can’t even stay awake an extra hour to pray with Jesus in his moment of need. One of them finds himself unexpectedly naked. Peter’s very determination to be the one who doesn’t leave Jesus, leads to him denying him three times.

Eating: Roasted Chicken and Peppers, Mashed Potato & Gravy, Roasted Vegetables, Cornetto Ice-creams.
Present: Peter & Taryn + Isaac; Abigail, Sophie, Lucy & Theo; Linda + Adam; Doug; Bethany.
Passage: Mark 14:27-72

As usual we spent some time scribbling on Scripture to work out what’s going on in the passage:

Then eventually we come to the
Questions & Comments


On that subject…
— Here’s an essay I wrote as a student, arguing that “that there was no other way for sinners to be saved from judgement” than for Jesus to go to the cross.

— Our DTS was impacted powerfully recently by Dr Sandy Kirk from Behold Ministries who was teaching on the cup of the Father’s wrath. Here’s a clip of her speaking about it:

— And here is the classic sermon by Jonathan Edwards on the subject of Christ’s agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.



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