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Everyone’s guilty: the ‘whole’ Sanhedrin, the ‘whole’ company of Roman soldiers, the whole multitude calling for Jesus to be crucified — the whole of humanity. All except Jesus: ‘what crime has he committed?’ And this of course is the answer to the question of why Jesus should be crucified — not that he deserves it, but that humanity needed a sinless substitute in order to escape the punishment we deserve for our sins. We are like Barabbas: murderous, sinful, clearly guilty. But because Jesus takes our place we are released. This is the King of the Jews whom the prophets foretold! That’s my King! Do you know him?

Eating: Honeydew Melon; Fisherman’s Pie; Strudel and Sorbet; Crackers and Cheese; Coffee and Chocolate.
Present: Peter & Taryn + Isaac; Abigail, Sophie; Doug; Hannah.
Passage: Mark 15:1-20

As usual we spent some time scribbling on Scripture to work out what’s going on in the passage:

Then eventually we come to the
Questions & Comments


On that subject…
— On the subject of the pain which Jesus suffered, someone mentioned the film the Passion of the Christ, which (too?) vividly portrays that suffering. The clip showing this particular scene can be watched here, but be warned, it is brutal.

— More edifying as you meditate on the character of ‘the King of the Jews’ is this clip:



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