Acts 1:1-11 #HouseChurch

In Summary
After finishing working our way through Mark, we’re now moving on to the Book of Acts. Why didn’t the world revert to its intended perfection immediately after Jesus had died for our sins and risen again? Because He wants us to be involved in the task of bringing the kingdom of God upon earth as it is in heaven. This is the commission with which Acts begins: to be Jesus’ witnesses–here, there and everywhere! Luckily, we’re not left to complete!the task on our own — we’re promised the presence and power of the Holy Spirit!

Eating: Barbecue Chicken, Baguettes, Salad.
Present: Peter & Taryn + Isaac; Sophie, Lucy, and Ryan; Linda + Adam.
Passage: Acts 1:1-11

As usual we spent some time scribbling on Scripture to work out what’s going on in the passage:

Then eventually we come to the
Questions & Comments


On that subject…
— Wait on God, asking Him to fill you with the fullness of the Holy Spirit, with His presence, His purity and His power, so that you can be a witness to those around you. Pray specifically for opportunities to share the proofs that Jesus has given you of His reality.



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