Acts 2:1-13 #HouseChurch

In Summary
Gathered in the context of continual prayer (1:14), the Spirit “suddenly” comes. Rushing wind, tongues of fire, and the chaotic cacophony of the disciples overflowing in supernatural speech! Two immediate results: people from foreign nations begin to encounter the presence of God, and the Spirit-filled believers are the focus of mockery and scoffing.

If we want to impact nations, we too need to be filled with the Spirit–but are we prepared to endure the opposition that we will face?

Eating: Fisherman’s Pie, Garden Peas.
Present: Peter & Taryn + Isaac; Sophie, Ryan; Linda + Adam; Roxann, Katie, Esther.
Passage: Acts 2:1-13

As usual we spent some time scribbling on Scripture to work out what’s going on in the passage:

Then eventually we come to the
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