DTS Week 2: ORIENTATION (Peter Prescott)

After diving in last week with Shephen’s teaching on MISSION, this week was a chance to explain the story and vision of YWAM Cambridge.

I started with a rendition of my own story, which flowed into my take on the YWAM Cambridge story thus far. And then I tried to set this in the wider context of YWAM’s story (and told them that they’ll need to read Is That Really You God? by the end of October), and we finished with the YWAM Values.

The next morning we talked about CULTURE: about being from different cultures, and the missionary principle of cultural adaptation (cf. 1 Cor. 9:19-23), and what it might look like for us to have a Kingdom Culture (Unoffendable Heart, Culture of Faith, Culture of Honour, Radical Servanthood, Joy-filled Repentance).

I then spent some time unpacking the heart and vision behind some of the things we’ll be doing: Evangelism, Pioneering Simple (Multiplying!) Discipleship, Worship & Prayer.

On Evangelism: How God took me from handing out mustard seeds to effectively sharing the simple gospel.
What we want to see on our scheduled evangelism times: the gospel shared, souls saved, people developing their evangelistic muscle, starting from where they’re at, but stepping out their comfort zone, and creatively dreaming with the Holy Spirit about how to do this even more effectively. (I touched on why we count).

On Simple Discipleship: The revelation that multiplication is ultimately more effective than anointed addition. If there were one super-evangelist, able to lead one thousand people to the Lord every day, then after one thousand years (supposing he lived that long), he would still not have reached a billion people. But if two people were to faithfully commit to simple (even ineffective) evangelism and discipleship, and every year were to each lead only one person to the Lord — but were to train them to do the same! — then their number would double each year. It would be twenty-four years before their numbers compared to the super-evangelist — but if they continued at that same rate for just ten more years after that, their number would exceed that of the entire world’s population! So the Great Commission can be finished in a generation — if only every Christian is involved in the work of simple evangelism and discipleship!
The story of how we’ve got to where we’ve got to with our attempts to start a house church movement.
And my ‘single-handed’ discipleship course running through the basics of simple Christianity.

On Worship & Prayer: I shared my seven reasons for night & day prayer, and a brief explanation of the tabernacle of David, before sharing some thoughts on The Heavenly Prayer Room as described in Revelation 4-5.

Mark Stanyer, YFC youth worker who is conencted to the local churches, came and invited us to be involved with some local ministries.

And Jane gave some suggestions for how to spend time relaxing in Cambridge: museums, evensong, theatrical performances…

I finished the week with an abridged tour of some of Cambridge’s Christian Heritage.



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