12 Passages to Pray for your City’s Church

So some of you might know that I’m spending these next six months on the Manchester House of Prayer team as an intern, and one of the things I’ve been asked to do is to help with their strategy to connect with and pray for the church in Manchester. So I spent this morning asking God for a strategy. And this is what I felt he said: “use the biblical model of the church in Ephesus”. Now, Ephesus was the one church for which the critically-minded controversialist Paul the Apostle had no criticisms when he sent them an apostolic letter. So, it’s probably a good, positive place to start praying for the church in any city! So running with that, I’ve gone through the relevant Scriptures about the church in Ephesus, and put together a rough sketch that could direct twelve months of prayer:

1. Acts 18:24-28. Apollos and Priscilla & Aquilla.
i. Word & Spirit coming together.
ii. Powerful preaching.
iii. Humility to receive correction, boldness to lovingly confront, unity amongst differences.
iv. Jews reached with the message of the Messiah.
v. Fervency in Spirit.
vi. Competency in the Scriptures.

2. Acts 19:1-10. Paul and his twelve disciples.
i. Conversion
ii. Fullness (Spiritual gifts, prophetic, signs)
iii. Discipleship
iv. Multiplication
v. Properties, facilities, material resources.

3. Acts 19:11-20. Sons of Sceva; confession of witchcraft.
i. Spiritual warfare.
ii. Conviction of sin.
iii. Revival: Deliverance, healing, sozo; extraordinary miracles.
iv. Reformation: transformation of education, businesses, religious institutions.
v. Name of Jesus extolled
vi. Fear of the Lord.

4. Acts 19:21-22. ‘I must also see Rome’. Cf. Letter to the Romans.
i. Expansion of vision: regional, national, international.
ii. Written word: books, etc.
iii. Missionary task–unreached (cf. Rom. 15:20).
iv. Missionaries sent out (T&E).
v. Timing, seasons, discernment.

5. Acts 19:23-41. Riot of the idol-makers.
i. Shake the city.
ii. Persecuted Christians.
iii. Wisdom and discernment (19:30).
iv. Vindication of Christians facing opposition.
v. Forgiveness of those who have wronged us (cf. Alexander 19:33; 2 Tim. 4:14)

6. Acts 20:17-38. Established Church Leaders.
i. Full counsel of God.
ii. False teachers.
iii. Corruption.
iv. Fulfilment of calling.
v. Grace.

7. 1 Timothy. Emerging Leaders.
i. Skill with Scripture.
ii. Testimonies of grace.
iii. Prayerfulness.
iv. Honour of older leaders.

8. Ephesians 1:1-2:10. Grace for the praise of His glory.
i. Grace
ii. Wisdom
iii. Revelation
iv. Holy Spirit power
v. Salvation

9. Ephesians 2:11-4:16. Unity
i. Church unity.
ii. Racial reconciliation.
iii. Unreached nations & Jewish salvation.
iv. Leaders to be unified and bring church to maturity.
v. LOVE.

10. Ephesians 4:17-5:21. Character.
i. Repentance.
ii. Sanctification.
iii. Purity.
iv. Community.
v. Awakening.
vi. Worship.

11. Ephesians 5:22-6:9. Relationships.
i. Families: marriages.
ii. Families: children.
iii. MARRIAGE—its meaning.
iv. Workplace: employers.
v. Workplace: employees.
vi. WORK.
vii. Modern slavery—justice, freedom, deliverance.

12. Revelation 2:1-7. First love.
i. Revival.
ii. Repentance.
iii. Faithful toil.
iv. Discernment of leaders.
v. Revelation of Jesus.

I might turn this into a longer and more well-thought through resource, but in the meantime, please feel free to use this to help catalyse your prayers for whatever city you’re in!



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