Encountering God: YF Camp, Nov ’05
Encountering God: 24-7 Prayer, Lent Term ’08
Encountering God: Sinai, Easter Vacation ’09

Summer ’06: Volunteering with Bethany Home
Summer ’07: Volunteering at Sahara House
Summer ’08: Hiking In The Himalayas
Summer ’09: Observations of a Pilgrim in search of ‘a Christian Ashram’ (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6)

Personal: Switching To Theology 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Personal: Engaged in India
Personal: Adventures In Newquay
Personal: Beginning A New Blog
Personal: Why I Blog
Personal: Five Reasons Why I Run
Personal: One Thing About Me–I Love Jesus
Personal: What We’re Doing Next
Personal: Travelling Mayhem
Personal: Inge Died, Inge Will Rise Again
Personal: Taking Stock of My Blog
Personal: The Places of my Pilgrimage

Question: What Does Being A Christian Mean To You
Question: ‘What does the Kingdom look like?’
Question: What is Freedom?

Preaching: On Spiritual Gifts
DTS Teaching: Jesus, the Focus of Revival
Preaching (Audio+Notes): Philemon
Preaching (Audio+Notes): Psalm 61
Preaching (Audio+Notes): 2 Timothy 2
Preaching: The First Commandment
Preaching: The Undeniable Evidence of the Resurrection
Speaking: To the Staff at my Old School
Prayer: 7 Reasons For 24:7 Prayer
Discipleship: Contrary Bible Reading Tips
Meditation: Dignifying the Ordinary
Meditation: The Five Loaves–Experiencing Supernatural Provision

Controversial: Atheism
Controversial: Gay Marriage
Controversial: Abortion
Controversial: Monarchy
Controversial: Christian Kingdom
Controversial: Revival

Apologetics: Jesus & The Red Hot Chili Pepper (& Continued Discussion)
Apologetics: How Can We Be Absolutely Sure That The Bible Describes The One True Will Of Our Creator?

YWAM: The Best Thing About Our DTS
YWAM: Why we are joining YWAM
YWAM: An Englishman Unashamedly Asking For Money
YWAM: Circuit Riders ’12 Blogging (1,2,3, 4,5 & Outreach)
YWAM: Why I’m A Missionary
YWAM: Global Leadership Gathering
YWAM: DTS Photos of St Albans
YWAM: DTS–A Cross-cultural Cocktail Mocktail
YWAM: Back from our DTS’ India Outreach
YWAM: I Am (Not) A YWAM Spokesperson
YWAM: Secret of Sir Alex’s Success
YWAM: Evangelism Thriving in Cambridge DTS
YWAM: Glory House Unplugged
YWAM Report: European Evangelists Gathering 2014
YWAM Report: DTS Gathering @Bristol
YWAM Report: Call To Prayer w/ Jonathan Oloyede
YWAM Report: A Week @Herrnhut
YWAM Reflection: On a DTS Trainee Deciding to Quit

Anglican: England Is A Christian Kingdom
Anglican: Simple Revival
Anglican: Running For Archbishop
Anglican: A Real Archbishop
Anglican: Five Things I Love About CPC
Anglican: Priestly Vocation
Anglican: One Faith, One Baptism

Essay: Brahmobandhab Upadyay
Essay: God Punishes Because He Must
Essay: Should Experience Be A Source For Theology?
Essay: Sketching A Fractal Theology

Poem: Memories Engraved on the Cliffside Stones
Poem: Partridge In A Pear Tree
Poem: Poem after Running
Poem: A Message
Poem: At Heathrow Arrivals
Poem: Unseasonable Austerity 1 & 2
Poem: Snow
Poem: Prometheus
Poem: Travel Money
Poem: In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
Spoken Word: Rap Gospel
Spoken Word: God vs. Satan

Review: Essay Like Nephew (Music)
Review: Rescue Mission (Book)

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