Notebook: Moleskine (Dec ’13 – Jan ’14)

1. December 25, 2013 – January 18, 2014

2. Gen. 2:7 “Then YHWH God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the spirit of life—and the man became a living soul.” What does it mean to be human? Ask the question of Genesis 1-2.

3. Granny & her wisdom.

4. Discovered the book Peter Pan on a shelf. Read it all at once yesterday. Delighted! My Christmas gift from God. Themes: Childhood/Adulthood/Motherhood/Time/Maturity/Growing-Up/Imagination/Adventure/Employment/Absent Fathers/Fairy (Faerie)

5. Absent Fathers
i. Notable by comparison with emphasis on *motherhood* as perfectly personified (& successfully passed down generations) in Mrs Darling and Wendy (perhaps not Jane, but by this point the author is merely using her as stock character to seal point about the ‘heartlessness of children’)
ii. Combined with this we see the contrast between Wendy (successfully mothered by Mrs Darling to be a mother) and Peter & the Lost Boys – who display total resistance to the idea of growing up.
iii. Even the Red Indian leader is a girl: Tiger Lily.
This causes us to look for possible FATHER figures:
a) First, we note that *Peter Pan* — although in Wendy’s eyes a potential Father (and in Tiger Lily’s! “she wants to be more to me than a mother…”) – has no intention or in fact capability of being a father; leaving us with
b) *Hook* & the pirates, whose violence – indeed evil – is depicted vividly. Perhaps Hook is not entirely merciless for the pathetic Smee does make him cry – but i. when the children come into his imprisonment, there is no sign of fatherly tenderness; ii. his leadership of the other pirates is not fatherly but rather lonely & tyrannical — & it emerges that Hook himself is fatherless, raised by a British boarding school which has taught him nothing (apparently) but the need for ‘good form’.
& c) *Mr Darling*. Apparently Mrs Darling’s counterpart but in no way her equal (and so he cannot have the ‘kiss on the corner of her mouth’). Mr Darling is too ‘serious’ for adventure, & too stupid to be respected. It is his fault that the children are stolen away – because of the hypocrisy with Michael’s medicine, and the idiocy of his ‘trick’ subsequently. And his reaction – to live in the doghouse (an idiom taken literally, another eg. of his idiocy) is absurd and ineffective.
— However, the book seems to come to the conclusion that better Mr Darling’s hypocritical self-serious stupidity than the grown-up heartlessness of the pirates. And poor parent though Mr Darling may be, still he reproduces himself in John (for better or worse!) And as Nevertheless, one is left with a sharp sense of sadness at the incompleteness we are left with. If only we had some idea of what a true FATHER might look like!
+ The NeverBird as well: personified mother, no father. And Peter describes himself as ‘a bird’ (to Hook) – but the tragedy is that he is not, he is a “boy” who is “crying”. And the story demonstrates that the reason he is crying is not merely that he doesn’t have a mother (for this Wendy can be—though ultimately ineffectively) but that he doesn’t have a father.
++ And here we lay our theological cards on the table and say that rather than his spiteful fairy (who turns out to be dispensable and easily forgotten by Peter), he needs a *father* who is in fact God.

6. Thomas Hardy, The Darkling Thrush. Grandpa’s Favourite Poem.(

7. Christmas videos:
WestJet’s Santa
SPAM An Unexpected Christmas

8. Seth Godin’s books.

9. Joni Erickson Tada.

10. Interview with writer of BBC’s Nativity:

11. William Blake, “To see a world in a grain of sand…”

12. “Stop just reading the Bible and learn to hear My voice. I’m calling you to be a Prophet-to-the-Nations, and not just a biblical commentator.”

13. My rip’ning bride brought me orange juice to wake me from my slumber.

14. I want to understand the chronology of the NT, the implication of different perspectives of when what was written. I want to understand the prophets and the return from the exile.

15. Starting to put up all our old prayer-letters online.

16. “I am a YWAM leader”.

17. “Stick a geranium in your hat and be happy! Joy is not an option for a Christian—it’s not an emotion, but a decision.”

18. “Put your hand into the hand of God—that will be safer than any light…” (

19. People should be loved, things should be used. The world is in chaos because things are loved, and people are used.

20. Granny embodies the value of STEWARDSHIP.

21. Blog Idea: Against ‘Authenticity’. (For Transparency, Vulnerability, Finitude, Mystery, Contingency, Humility).

22. “If there’s nothing you’re willing to die for, you’re going to live bored”.

23. The King of Kong: Documentary about Donkey Kong arcade game world-record breaker.

24. The key to being fascinating is to be fascinated. (“But you must recognise the ‘sweet spot of moderation’”) This is why irresistible Christianity must be fascinated with the beauty of an irresistible God.

25. Word for the year: ‘Fatherhood’.

26. Matthew 1 in the ESV repeats ‘was the father of’ thirty-eight times. What is a *father*? More than simply a ‘begetter’. A father is a strong protector, a wise counsellor, a bountiful provider, an enthusiastic coach, a prepared planner, a fair judge, a loving parent, an eventual friend.

27. Matthew’s scandalous women: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, ‘the wife of Uriah’, & Mary.

28. 3×14 generations => emphasises Mary as distinct generation.

29. Hearing God’s voice in the Christmas story.

30. Hearing God’s voice the key to righteous fatherhood. “Joseph, being a righteous man…” The challenge of being the human father of God the Father’s eternal Son. How does he do it? He’s open to hearing God’s voice. Lives in context of righteousness. He “knew her not until…” Sexual self-control essential for a righteous man/husband/father.

31. The Star of Bethlehem. Star alignment or comet?

32. A confusion of Herods:
Herod the Great (the king) Matt. 2:1
Herod Archelaus (the ethnarch) Matt. 2:22
Herod Antipas (the tetrarch) Luke 3:1
The Herod’s family tree…

33. ‘You shall call his name Jesus’
The common-ness of the name Jesus (Matt. 27:16-17; Acts 13:6; Col. 4:11
The difficulty & significance of naming a child

34. Biblos and communication technology.

35. Comparing the genealogy with 1 Chronicles. ‘From David to Jechoniah there are 14 generations’ – if you skip four?? What does this mean?

36. ‘This was to fulfil…’ Messianic prophecy or shamelessly manipulated proof-texting?
Isaiah 7:14 Consider similarities & differences between Mahar-Shalal-Hash-Baz & Emmanuel; + “a sign deep as the grave or high as heaven” 7:11. Multiple echoes of the one prophetic truth.
Micah 5:2. Straightforward (1 Sam 16 => David is from Bethlehem), but therefore doubt as to truth of Bethlehem birth. L&M both witness to it, but very differently.
Hosea 11:1 cf. Numb. 23:22, 24:7-8, 24:17. Again multiple echoes…
Jeremiah 31:15 Consider context – 31:31 is the New Covenant.

37. Matt. 1:18-2:23
-Hearing God’s Voice
-Abstinence, Chastity & Righteousness
-Confusion of Herods
-Call him Jesus
-Star of Bethlehem
-Messianic prophecies or manipulated prooftexts
-A political Christmas
-Gift-giving & the Magi

38. Matt. 3:1-17
-John the Baptist
-Water Baptism
-Spirit Baptism
-Children of Abraham
-Unquenchable Fire
-Glimpse of the Trinity
-God apologises?

39. Matt. 4:1-11
-Word of God
-Spiritual Warfare

40. Last year
was explosive.
An accidental fire-work
foolishly forgotten beside the fire’s flickering flames
was set alight, struck by a stray spark,
and exploded into deadly action
knocking my beloved to the ground
–but I caught her in my arms…

41. Huge amount of out-of-copyright video at

42. “The balloon dog is eternally optimistic”

43. “My desire is that the people who know me the best, respect me the most”.

44. You have permission to pray loudly—don’t let your wife steal that from you.

45. Ps.126 #daretodream

46. “We supplant the God who is able to do immeasurably more than our right brain can imagine, with an idol who fits within the logical constraints of our left brain”.

47. Financial goals:
Be debt-free. Know exactly what we’re spending where. Be able to buy unlimited books and top-range technology. Be investing in ethical businesses whose mission you believe in. Own houses. Backwards tithe. Offer financial advice. Be good stewards. Live economically. Be supported by 1000+ people’s regular gifts. Live very simply—know what we own and why. Always pay the bill at restaurants. Have vision beyond our resources.

48. I am fighting for the purity of my generation.

Notebook: ‘As DTS Started’ (Autumn ’12)

1. Describe yourself in three sentences.

2. “Peter Prescott grew up as a missionary kid in Asia. While studying Mathematics at university, God gave him a burden for prayer and evangelism, so he switched to Theology and after graduating joined YWAM. He longs to see revival fire filling England with night-and-day worship overflowing in mission to the ends of the earth”.

3. “Don’t confuse *reverence* with heaviness or slothfulness of spirit”.

4. “Jesus’ healing ministry was pure tokenism. He didn’t go around emptying hospitals”. #PatrickDixon

5. “Uncertainty opens doors to hearts”. #PatrickDixon

6. “Each trend is a new opportunity. And for every trend there is a countertrend.” #PatrickDixon

7. The 80:20 rule – use it to double the impact of your leadership.

8. The FUTURE is Fast, Urban, Tribal, Universal, Radical, Ethical. #PatrickDixon

9. “You will never again have so many children growing up”#PatrickDixon

10. “The most effective way for the church to grow is biologically”. #PatrickDixon

11. “You either have to make babies or import them—that’s why you’re going to see a serious amount of immigration”. #PatrickDixon

12. “It is impossible to lead without Christian values”. #PatrickDixon

13. “It is impossible to be fulfilled unless you’re living unselfishly”. #PatrickDixon

14. ‘Democratic Change in the Arab World’, Eric Chaney (

15. Book: I Am Charlotte Simmons, Tom Wolfe.

16. Birthday Ingredients: Celebration, Cards, Cake, Congratulations.

17. Who is worthy? Rev. 5:9 => Only Jesus; 2 Thess. 1:11 => May we be too!

18. Why should every YWAMer blog? i. Evangelise. ii. Mobilise. iii. Friendraise.

19. “Carve his promises in the stone of my heart”

20. Reading Romans 4.
1 Samuel 7:5,11b: “Are you the one to build me a house to dwell in?…The Lord declares to you that the Lord himself will establish a house for you.”
‘I feel God is promising to help us buy a four bedroom house in Cambridge worth £500, 000.’
I feel? No! “The Lord *declares to you* that He will establish such a house for you!” (1 Sam.7)
#1 Do not be tempted to justify this house by the merit of your works. “The promise comes *by faith*…that it may be *guaranteed*”
#2 Have *faith* in the promise of God: the God who gives life to the dead, and calls things that are not as though they are.
#3 Believe *in hope*.
#4 Face the fact that in human terms this is impossible.
#5 But do not let your faith waver—we do not operate merely ‘in human terms’.
#6 Strengthen your faith by giving glory to God for He has power to fulfil his promise.
Lord, would you give me a seal? Not as a fleece but as a guarantee? Impression: Look today for £100.
‘Trust me for this house! Don’t plot to make it happen in your own strength. Be like Elisha, not like Jehu. Don’t violently take hold of (‘grasp’ Phil. 2:5) that which is promised. Humble yourself like Jesus.

21. “Christianity is not constipated people who walk in straight lines”.

22. “…teaspoons of truth that every one of us can swallow…”

23. “YWAM’s biggest weakness is trying to fix things immediately without having fellowship with people in their suffering”.

24. We are rooted in God, but our ‘topsoil’ is our culture, our family, our financial situation.
“You have to accept your topsoil”.
What negative topsoil have I to deal with? (I’ve been very blessed!) – It’s *displacement*: the trauma of friendships suddenly lost, by one or both of us suddenly moving away to somewhere else.

25. Prayer is like rugby: whoever has the ball, get behind them and run with them.

26. Different types of prayer: intercession, confession, declaration, liturgical prayer, blessing, travail.
Liturgical prayer is about ministering unto God.

27. “The poorest man in the world is the man without a dream”. Miles Monroe.

28. “The death of a seed is the planting of a forest”.

29. *Write down* what God is speaking to you.

30. “Pr-i-de puts ‘I’ at the centre.”

31. Photography and the shallowness of our perception of beauty.

32. #RunForAReason

33. “All of our spiritual problems stem from a wrong understanding of God’s character & ways”.

34. “The early apostles would not probably not ask the question ‘If you died tonight, would you go to heaven’, but ‘If you lived tomorrow…?’ –!

35. Is Calvinism just a pious sort of Deism?

36. Thanksgiving
is the helium
that fills up the balloon
of prayer.
Lifting it upwards,
Thanks for
the daily bread delivered,
the glass of cold water,
the sweet evening air.

37. “The Christian life is about making friends. Maybe God brought you here on DTS just to make friends!” #DanBaumann

38. “God says ‘Go!’ – He doesn’t say ‘Come back’…” #DanBaumann

39. Book: Releasing Your Children To The Lord, Gunila Baumann (

40. “For those who are interested in missions, the greatest hindrance is their parents!” #DanBaumann

41. “Everything you do for God, needs to come from intimacy with God”. #Dan Baumann

42. “We were never meant to live from obligation! Never!” #DanBaumann

43. “The Christian journey isn’t about being 100% sure of what God’s called you to do, it’s about being 100% sure that God loves you”. #DanBaumann

44. “God is more committed to fulfil his will for our life than we are committed to find it!” #DanBaumann

45. “Do you remember the day you most experienced God’s love? He’s the same today!” #DanBaumann

46. “The first thing I want to tell you about prison is about the faithfulness of God” #DanBaumann

47. “The Christian life is about becoming more overwhelmed with the goodness of God” #DanBaumann

48. “You can’t talk about passion without commitment” #DanBaumann

49. “The most passionate person I have ever encountered was Michael Jordan” #DanBaumann

50. “Be a little rambunctious!” #DanBaumann

51. Sola Scriptura. Only Scripture is infallible. Which means everything we say about Scripture is fallible. Filled with mistakes. But necessarily? No! By recognising our fallenness, we learn to tie every thought to Scripture. We take *every thought * captive.

52. “Genesis 1:26 means population is never the problem, it’s always a solution!”

53. “Business is where we get to co-create with God”.

54. “Entrepreneurs should ask, i. ‘What does the community need?, & ii. ‘How can we create jobs?’

55. Aid vs. Economics : manna as aid for refugee Israelites—stopped as soon as they enter promised land.

56. ‘YWAM is a Levitical family. Not a church’.

57. “Christian art should not be propaganda—when you wake up & see a sunrise, it doesn’t say ‘Brought to you by Jesus’!”

58. ‘Peter & Taryn, you’re like Rosemary & Jasmine.’

Notebook: ‘Aboard Alfred’ (June-September 2012)

Write your thoughts down, one by one.
Every thought is a gift from God.
Or a temptation from the enemy.
But once resisted, even a temptation can be called a gift.
A temptation is an opportunity to resist evil.
We must resist evil.
But even more, we must press on to do good.
Hold ground, take ground.
Receive and give.

I am on a narrowboat.
It is yellow and called Alfred.
We are making our way up a canal.
Near a town called Dudley.
What verb describes the movement of a barge?
(Narrowboat, not barge.)
Boating? Sailing? Travelling? Powering? Barging? Going? Heading? Driving?
Just write down all your thoughts.
Music playing—African choir.
Outside scenery—English greenery, recently rain-splattered.
The sloth of pen versus thought makes writing *all* difficult.
Writing any one thought, two more come to mind.
Writing the subsequent chosen thought,
the unelect thought lingers,
suggesting consequent ideas of no relation to the thing decided upon.
Thus I find myself distracted.

3. My eyes are tired.
Vision—the most energy-intensive activity the human creature does?
‘Without vision, the people perish’.
‘Hundreds can speak for one that can think, and thousands can think for one that can see’.
Jesus: What do you want? Bartimaeus: I want to *see*!
Moses: *Show* me your glory!
David: One thing I ask… that I may *gaze* upon your beauty.

4. Apparently a narrowboat *cruises*.

5. I can’t do this without thinking about Twitter.
What if I set a deliberate goal to build up a Twitter following?
One thousand by this time next year?
Monday evening, sixth August.

6. Direct your thoughts Godwards before sleeping.
What happened today?
Ran for half an hour—first time in a while.
Praise God for £3 shorts found in a charity shop!
Watching Olympics—and a few twinges of regret at having given up serious athletics.
But #1, I am competing for a more important reward.
And maybe #2, even now who knows what is possible?
‘Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart’.
‘Nothing is impossible for him who believes’.
‘I will restore what the locusts have eaten’.

7. Taryn’s zeal to make regular gospel-sharing a part of everyday life.
To not let it be a Circuit Riders thing.
Or even a YWAM job thing.
But an ‘every day that I live’ thing.
Lord, give me that same zeal!
Paul: Pray for me also, that I might have boldness to open my mouth
to declare the mystery of the gospel, as I should.
All I need to do is open my mouth.
What comes out is up to God.
And influenced by what has been stored up in my heart.

8. A new morning, and it is raining gently.
We have reached our first lock of the day.
I alone am not contributing.
Instead, I sit in the boat, reading my Bible and writing in this notebook.
Mum made us egg and bacon for breakfast.
I helped dry up the dishes.
Radical Servant, Unoffendable Heart, Simple Gospel, Total Worship, Joy-filled Repentance…
What are the distinctive marks of the Circuit Rider?

9. Thoughts move to *the Job project*…

10. What contemporary possibilities of disaster do we have?
Bird flu, mad cow disease, stock market crash, hyperinflation, bankruptcy, terrorist attack, plane crash, riots…

11. “I’m sorry but I came as fast as I possibly could–
I have some news to tell you, I’m afraid it isn’t good.”

12. Worcester, famous for its sauce.
Only the Houses of Parliament beats it in terms of the popularity of a place’s sauce.

13. Why not pray for all the countries you’ve visited? ‘Wherever you tread…’ Josh. 1

14. Humanly, the diaconate was instituted
to do the jobs the apostles didn’t want to be distracted with.
Missionally, the deacons proved to be immediately effective
in doing the sort of things the apostles themselves were called to do.

15. Running along the river, the setting sun paving the water with gold.

16. Joy Dawson: “Come before the Lord in stark honesty and invite the Holy Spirit to reveal to you any of the following areas where you may need to repent of disobedience:
#1 Vocal worship & praise to God as a way of life.
#2 Intercession—have a daily prayer agenda for others.
#3 Effective time in the word of God.
#4 Witnessing & praying for the uncoverted as a way of life.
#5 Eating habits.
#6 Regular exercise.
#7 Family (responsibilities, relationships, worship)
#8 Finances (tithes, offerings, pledges, debts)
#9 Letters, phone calls or other communication
#10 Needing to give correction to others
#11 Forgiveness
#12 Expressing gratitude
#13 Making restitution
#14 Returning borrowed things
#15 Walking in obedience to ‘the word of the Lord’
#16 Being faithful to promises made
#17 Being obedient to God in giving
#18 Maintaining loving relationships at all times, based on humility & fear of the Lord

17. Book Recommendation: Tim Keller, Center Church


19. Blogging: ‘Why I am a missionary’.

20. What would restoration of relationship with my closest childhood friends look like?

21. “Looking intently” Acts 13:9, 14:9

22. ‘Connect’ Communications Conference:
-What’s your interest in communications?
-YWAM’s communicational/institutional mistakes; Loren’s Tripod Message
-1. Mobilising Christians; 2. Make YWAMers more effective; 3.Spiritual Vitality.
-Circuits, Cycles, Circles, & Spheres.
-A YWAM monthly day of prayer..?
-What is ‘a communicator’? A spokesperson, someone with something to say, warm, versatile, desiring truth, intentional, representative, servant, inspirer, clear, guide, storyteller.
-“God is the greatest communicator”
-“We expect new innovations as young people are empowered”.
-“God is asking us to do things that have never been done before”.
-‘Disruptive innovations’ change the way things are done. (
-Daphne Kohler: ‘Online Education’ (TED) DT
-“What do you have in your hand?” (Ex.3) – God wanted to provoke Moses’ thinking… Moses had leaned on this staff, it had his handprint on it…
-“The young Davids must be free to kill the Goliaths that God has empowered them to…”
– Nahum 1:15
-We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media—the question is how well we do it.”
-Book Recommendation: Socialnomics.
-“Links 25% of the way through tweets get the most hits”.
– #Circle18
-“Don’t be trying to board the shiny ship of mass media—because that ship has TITANIC written all over it”
-“19 year old missionaries: learn technology quickly; communicate well; zealous for the Lord; but work ethic is low”
“There is such a need for workers—and yet the places left are hardest to reach”.
-“Don’t just tell stories—challenge people! Don’t just tell stories—teach as you tell!”
-YWAM Orlando’s communication strategy: Call each interested person individually.
DTS Facebook page as soon as it starts; regular Facebook updates; interview each student after outreach with one story; integrating website with social media; trying to keep family, friends engaged; video equipment doesn’t need to be expensive; mobilisation teams
– Simple social strategy: 3 videos of each trainee (arrival, before outreach, after outreach)
-Resources: ; ; ;
-Exaggerators Anonymous: A Trillion Strong and Growing!

23. FAST for Family, Assignments, Salvations, Taryn.

24. “Unless the Holy Spirit clearly prompts us to do so, it is wiser not to share what God reveals to us in intercession”.

25. #ThoseWhoDream

26. Book: 101 Ways To Win An Election.

27. Book: Teach Yourself Portuguese.

28. Why Photography Matters:
1. Our photos tell us what is most important to us.
2. Photos are part of our legacy.
3. Photos allow us to share and communicate.
4. Photos make us artists.
5. Photography is a complex language.
6. Photography has the power to move us.

29. To pass the time//I write a rhyme//though not sublime//yet still no crime.

30. “A man without a moustache is like a cup of tea without sugar”.

31. Book: The Moustache-Grower’s Guide, Lucien Edwards.

32. Still a Calvinist:
1. Legal impartiality.
2. Relational selectiveness.
3. Eschatological completion.

33. “This goes out to those who dream//to those who always have a gleam//of light a-sparkling in their eye//who can’t help laughing though they cry”.

34. Hastiness & Lethargy.

35. Tom Bloomer on ‘Love Feasts’.

36. DTS is: greenhouse/catalyst/diving-board/fertiliser/spiderweb.

37. DTS is not: religious tradition/about numbers/about old glory days/about the YWAM ‘club’.

38. LifeHacker.

39. Book: The Procrastination Equation.

40. Passivity: opposite of initiation.

41. “Anyone who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it—sins”. James 4:17

Notebook: ‘DTS #6’

1. “On our way to Africa” – these words written while sat in an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing B757 that is about to take off towards Addis Ababa.
We are the East Africa Outreach team; sent out from the Wilberforce DTS to Ethiopia & Rwanda; led by Richard & Immaculee—who have previously been in Addis Ababa for a brief scouting trip of five days.
And I sit here with an ambitious collection of books to be read: Bible, Amharic phrasebook, Martin Meredith’s ‘State of Africa’.

2. Lord, what are you wanting to do in and through me in this African season?
a. teach you to be a leader
b. teach you to be servant-hearted
c. release new songs and creative expression
d. give you and Taryn a shared vision (for house of prayer and orphanage)
e. teach you what it means to be a father (to the team!)
f. teach you about Africa—expand your vision of the world; expand your heart beyond India and Cambridge
g. teach you about financial stewardship and the importance of proper accounting
h. teach you about the importance of team-work (even your question reflects the need of this; you should ask ‘…through *us*’)

3. Klaus & Ruth: missionaries in cross-cultural marriage looking after orphans!

4. Dream: I was at a CICCU meeting, and was told by president in the strongest terms that “as the doctrinal statement says, ‘Prophecy has ceased’, which means we must reject people such as YWAM’s Loren Cunningham who claim we can still ‘hear the voice of God’. I ask ‘where in the doctrinal statement does it say that? Where in the Bible?’ I realise I no longer recognise anyone in CICCU.

5. ‘Peter Come Back!’ song.

6. Psalm 68:31 “Ethiopia will quickly stretch out her hands to God”.

7. Ethiopia the Rastafarian homeland.

8. ‘Dehna neh’ – How are you?

9. If I was leading a team outreach, I would try and make language learning a priority, even short term.

10. Deuteronomy 4:19 – God has given everyone everywhere the stars as a heritage. Light pollution makes me angry. The heavens declare the glory of God—we are silencing them.

11. The Terrible Series of Disasters That Befell Mr Gainful Employment

We no present, for your enjoyment
the tale of Mr. Gainful Employment.
It’s a tale that at first does seem
to epitomise the American (/?) dream
With nothing at all to his account
Save for a name no-one could pronounce
He had immigrated from a land far away
to start a new life in the US of A (/London, innit!)
But one thing he had, right from the start
A complete inability to ever lose heart.

12. Learn to make videos.

13. The line between Jew & Gentile is important. Gentiles are to worship the God of Israel—but without becoming Jews, else prophetic significance is lost. Gentiles cannot eat Passover, but only the crumbs from the table. Jesus is the Passover lamb—the Eucharist is the crumbs from the table. When the Jews see the incredible crumbs the Gentiles are eating, they will realise they are not eating from the table.

14. There are two ‘servants’ in Isaiah: Cyrus (Gentile) and Israel (Messiah).

15. Isaiah 58:4 “Fasting is not so our voice will be heard in heaven, but so God’s voice will be heard on earth”.

16. Isaiah 56:1-8 “If the Gentiles are to join the Jews in Sabbathing, they need to keep Sabbath on the same day”.

17. Reading Pigeon English—the author grew up in Luton.

18. I’d like to dedicate this rhyme to my wife
I’m committed to her for the rest of my life
Both for better and worse, in sickness and health
Whether we’re poor, or abounding in wealth
I have promised to be her covenant friend
So I’m sticking with her until the very end.

19. When I was a little child
my imagination used to run wild–
some kids stayed home, watched their televisions
I would roam the world and dream dreams, see visions.
I would be a space pilot in another galaxy
or a new york cab driver in a yellow taxi
I’d be a medieval knight rescuing maidens from the enemy
or a marathon runner running miles still never running out of energy.

20. [Job}
Like those victims of abortion
Wish I‘d never seen the light of day
My pain seems out of all proportion
To anything I might have done–& I ain’t done nothing anyway.

21. [Job]
o curse this day, the day that I was born
o curse those rays, of sunlight which lit up the morn-
-ning my mother bore her first-born child
& my father saw me and smiled–

o I got those birthday blues again!

22. Job: i. Curse the day. Ii. Why didn’t I die at birth? Iii. Why does God give life to those in misery?

23. Jesus, teach me how to be a servant. Without becoming like Martha. Not as simple as ‘serve Jesus, don’t just serve others’. Teach me how to serve Jesus through serving others.

24. Book recommendation: Lou Engel, Redigging The Wells.

25. Book recommendation: John Bunyan, The Acceptable Sacrifice.

26. ‘Can we at least have a rest between DTS and more ministry?’ – God provided a house to ourselves for three weeks in Wales.

27. Reading Galatians.
The *gospel* is the most important thing. The *gospel* is about what Jesus has done.
“Our Lord Jesus Christ gave Himself for our sins that he might deliver us from the present age according to the will of our God and Father” 1:4.
Paul calls God’s promise to Abraham to bless all nations through him *the gospel* — this is incredibly strong when he has just declared that anyone (even he!) altering the gospel should be accursed.

28. V.20 “A mediator does not mediate for one only—but God is one”.
The key thing in Paul’s mind is that the Galatians have received the Spirit.
Paul is contrasting the old covenant
God – Mediator (Moses/Law) – People
with the new covenant
[God – mediator –] Spirit(ie. God)-filled people => contradiction since God is one.
Corollary: full deity of Holy Spirit.

29. The challenge of an Orthodox country where everybody says they are Christian. What to say? That belief alone is not enough.

30. Picture of Cyclops from X-men, with powerful laser beam coming from his eyes. Sense that God has given you good eyes (Lk. 11:34) with vision (Prov. 29:18 KJV), and there is much power in that (Eph. 2:13-20).

31. Up early to spend time with God. I go outside and the dog is immediately at my side—is there no place that I can be alone with God? He tries to rub himself against my leg for a while, I ignore him: finally he leaves, with a moan of emotional anguish. God says: “this is how you’ve treated me when I’ve rushed to you when I’ve seen you wake up,– you’ve ignored me, and it has hurt me. You’ve treated me like a dog! Wanting me to do tricks when it suits you, rejecting my affections when it doesn’t. When you should be the one waiting like a watchdog, ready to rise at a moment’s notice, whether to sound the alarm and stand against the enemy or run to be with Me your master.”

32. Africa Hall stained glass window in UN Economic Commission – went there to intercede.

33. Beza International Church. UN ambassadors talking about how the church has blessed them.

34. Sitting in the plane, about to leave. How have the last three weeks been? Difficult: much waiting; often with an oppressive sense of purposelessness; some sickness; communication difficulties…
But—we have been able to *worship* and have been blessed by a nation of unashamed worshippers. Our second Sunday at the Pentecostal church stands out for the joy of their dancing.
–We have been able to *intercede* for God’s purposes to be fulfilled in this nation: even in the UN Economic Commission for Africa. And for the work of Ethiopia Arise; and we can joyfully hold onto these two testimonies:
i. Mubarak’s conviction that prayer in Jesus’ name would heal his mother, which led to his parents’ conversion.
ii. Asfaw’s eagerness to pray for the healing of his mother and the subsequent discovery that she had started attending discipleship course and was physically feeling much better.
— We have been able to share *words of encouragement* with…
— We have been able to minister in churches and share *the word of our testimony*.
— We have been able to go into the streets of Addis doing *evangelism*.
— We have been able to *see the example* of Klaus and Ruth and the sterling work they are doing: restoring broken families, training children, social entrepreneurship.
— I have been able to have a glimpse of Ethiopia and its key role within Africa: politically, culturally and prophetically. I have been given a taste of the food (injera, kiewat, coffee), the music (squelchy keyboards), the history.

35. What I have learnt about being a leader:
i. The difficulty of taking a team into a totally foreign context (R&I not knowing language or culture).
ii. Importance of clear communication.
iii. Importance of punctuality.
iv. Difficulty of trying to pack too much into one day.
R&I really do care for and value each member of team as best as they know how. They are gentle, their yoke is light. This has to do with being servant-hearted.

36. We touch down in Uganda. And as we spend a brief half-hour with the wheels of our plane on Ugandan soil, I find myself reading the horrendous history of the atrocities committed by Idi Amin. Lord have mercy. And widen my heart to feel the pain of this land.

37. I feel the anger rising up inside of me
I’m trying with all my might to live my life righteously
This rage is colouring my vision and slowly blinding me…

38. (I’m searching or a means of authentic expression/
a voice to share the vision trusted to my mind’s possession)
(Wilberforce/Spirit’s force/of course/stay the course/discourse/stand against injust laws/time to pause/death’s jaws/despite our flaws/restores/open doors/serve the poor/trembling and awe/wanting more)
(Cambridge education/care for his reputation/his dissertation/slave’s liberation/parliamentary disputation/need a reformation/not just church but the whole nation/not just preaching salvation/ collaboration/finding information/deliberation/elevation/elation/damnation/propitiation/operation/ celebration/captivation imagination/justification/sanctification)
(What’s your definition of happiness/
to earn a lot just to feather your nest?/
live a life of luxury, ease and rest?/
but when it’s over will God be impressed?
Does God want to bless you, the answer’s YES
but then you’ll be sent out to bless
every person you meet, from east to west
with the gospel of Jesus’ faithfulness)
(every sphere of society/not puritanical propriety/that’s a lie you see/God commands ‘Delight in me’/must be change inside of me/…not enough to try to be/better, your efforts will collide with the/sin that lives inside. Trust me.)
(situation’s critical/need to get political/the proof is there, statistical/not enough to be mystical/lyrical/literal/empirical/analytical)
(this is our ambition/armed with spiritual ammunition/save the world from perdition/we’ve made our decision/not deterred by derision/the human condition/man on a mission/commission/expedition)

39. Preaching in translation:
i. Preach to the congregation, not the translator.
ii. Be flexible in expression: if the translator doesn’t understand you initially try repeating what you said with different words.
iii. Use simple English.
iv. Preach from the Bible.
v. Preach from the heart.

40. Song of Songs:
i. the priority of the love of God 1Jn3
ii. Dark but lovely Rom5
iii. Extravagant love Jn12
iv.Time of singing has come Ps149
v.Who is this?Mk3
vi.What kind of watchman?
vii.Seal of fiery love
viii. Mature bride builds up her sisters.

41. Bella says: she sees us as being lifetime missionaries. Are we worried about not having enough education? Don’t be, just keep learning. Are we worried about not having a salary? Don’t be. Even now God is raising up supporters. We might or might not have a house, but we’ll be travelling a lot, so it’s not really important. Peter especially, when you calm and quieten your soul, God lets you think His thoughts—they’re not your own ideas! Taryn, I see you leading many women and children. ‘Two are better than one, because when one falls down the other can help them up’. Taryn, God has blessed you by giving you Peter, who will help you become more quickly what you are meant to be. I saw you being given fruit—not for you to enjoy, but for you to sow the seed. I saw you as missionaries in a country where women cover their head. So—just be ready to say ‘here I am, send me’.“

42. O for a hard word well heard
O for a soft heart skill’d in th’art
of continuing undeterr’d by the hard word
while taking its wisdom to heart.

43. Safari: velvet monkeys, warthog, cassowaries, waterbuck pair, rown antelope, topi, impala, zebra, giraffe, Malibu stork, crane, hippo, crocodile, swallows—horseflies!

44. Wounds stop us from entering our inheritance as children of God:
Prov. 27:6, Prov. 15:13, Prov. 14:10, Prov. 14:30, Prov. 17:22

45. Went to the Hotel des Milles Collines for lunch; watched Hotel Rwanda.

46. Return to a rhythm of regular, twice-weekly fasting.

47. Lord, what should we do after DTS? – Have a holiday! Then join YWAM. And stay in Harpenden, the longer the better. You’re not yet ready to return to Cambridge. I will be with Hamish and Nic. You being there would not solve their problems. Do the Reaching Muslims school if you can; do the Documentary film-making school if you can. Be content to submit to the schedule of others, be available to preach and to do evangelism and to pray. Inspire the Prayer Room into being by example. I do not want you to burn out. So rest in me. Dwell in the secret place.

48. Plant a church in Cambridge when you return: The White Horse Minster. ‘The White Horse Minster will have a powerful student ministry; some will take a year out from their degrees to do the DTS, others will skive lectures to sit in on DTS classes’. It needs to be a church that worships and prays, and preaches, exceedingly, but also celebrates the breaking of bread at least weekly.

49. 2 Samuel 13:11. Some things are more important than punctuality.

50. Was sick yesterday—the stress of Taryn’s misery at being YWAM missionaries. Headache and vomit. Spiritual attack. What scares her?
i. Money. ii. Communication (how to explain what we do). iii. Space. Iv. Family history. V. Lack of structure. Vi. Don’t want to be involved with DTS/outreach. Vii. Rootlessness.

51. Thinking about *vision*, and the way Arise&Shine school grew from an idea to 150 children in ten years.

52. Don’t ask so zealously for wisdom and revelation without pursuing love.

53. Would you blog for God even if no-one read it?

54. Rev. 13:17. We need to learn to survive on a gift economy if we are to survive the last days.

55. Write the book: missionary support-raising in the internet age.

56. Circling over London, the plane waiting its turn for a vacant runway.

Notebook: ‘DTS #4’

1. Saturday 5th November. Sitting on a London-bound train, sitting on a piece of luggage rather than a seat…

2. Brick Lane: half Bengali, half Bohemian.

3. Four Kornerz making a music video.

4. Make a short documentary about Songs of the Bride.

5. Today has been: lots of walking, a blocked nose, seeing Phil, Brick Lane, stalls on the street, jalebis, curry, kacang pancakes, Driscoll vs. Hudson Taylor on poverty theology, joining a church plant for the morning.

6. William Lane Craig says that apologetically evangelicals are making a mistake focussing on total reliability of Scripture.

7. Lord, this week I pray for 100 gospel encounters.

8. “If the fire is in the belly, you don’t need any methods” #Evangelism

9. “Feed people the gospel like you would feed a baby—not more than they can swallow!”

10. “I know something that would totally change your life, but if I told you, you wouldn’t believe it.”

11. “I don’t believe in God—I know Him.”

12. “Don’t answer the questions you want to answer, answer the questions people are asking”.

13. YWAM’s secret is the way they steward stories and testimonies of what God has done.

14. The excitement of sharing the gospel!

15. We only get to keep what we give away!

16. The Fear of the Lord.

17. Creativity is one of the things God uses to unlock hearts.

18. “Begin now to store up food for the time of famine”. #MemoriseScripture

19. Billy Graham: Angels.

20. Kim Tan, Jubilee Gospel.
– Rhythms of Jubilee: Tithing (3 years), Sabbath (7), Jubilee (50).
– Values: Social holiness, faith, liberty, stewardship, family, generosity.
– God as kinsman-redeemer.
– Private ownership, kinship-based social security, collective mechanisms to rebalance economic disparities at regular intervals, independent judiciary, local representative govt., volunteer army, no income tax.
– “the Jubilee ceased to be portrayed primarily as the action of God’s people carried out in obedience… and more and more as God’s action on behalf of his people”.
– Jesus’ Jubilee actions: common purse, set captives free, fed hungry, restored Sabbath, friend of sinners, Zacchaeus and Jubilee, cleansing Temple.
– Jesus’ Jubilee words: ‘Don’t worry, seek first the kingdom’; ‘Love your neighbour as yourself’; laws on debt cancellation; parables about money; Sermon on Mt; Lord’s Prayer; Kingdom of Heaven.
– Acts: ‘There were no poor among them’.
– Julian the Apostate and govt. social welfare replacing church.

21. John Stott, The Radical Disciple.
– Non-Conformity.
– Christlikeness.
– Maturity.
– Creation-care.
– Simplicity.
– Balance.
– Dependence.
– Death.

22. Father Heart of God, Mike Oman.
Story: asking his wife fourteen times to marry him. “God needs to be involved in our relationships”. “Marriage is a tangible, finite expression of the infinite love Jesus has for his church. It’s based on commitment not emotions—but when you commit the emotions fall in line”.
Jesus came for three reasons:
i. to reveal the Father. ii. to show how to live in relationship with the Father. iii. to die to make relationship with the Father possible.
Recommend: Joy Dawson, Five Aspects of the Father-Heart of God.
Commitment: Start each day intentionally expecting to see God at work in your life. Finish the day by asking where you saw God at work in your life.
Exodus: the account of God revealing His Father’s heart. Starts with ppl in bondage and brokenness. Ends with completion of tabernacle and glory of God descending.
Deuteronomy: reveals how to respond to this covenant–*fear of the Lord*.
“It’s the journey that counts”.
“Every day of your life, you are fully qualified to do what God wants you to do today”.
Ex. 1. ‘Pharaoh forgot Joseph’. This is where we are today! Our nations are built on Christian values which are now being forgotten and rejected. We are in bondage to brokenness, secularism, materialism and consumerism—and debt.
“Moses knew his destiny, but because he ran ahead of God and tried to do it in his own strength, he had to spend forty years in the wilderness”.
“All the most important things I’ve learned, I’ve learned through my mistakes”.
“We reach Red Seas in our own lives—barriers which keep us from moving forward”.
“If you want to be a leader, you will be picked on when people find God’s way difficult—because you are visible and God is not”.
“Your responsibility is to raise your children so that when they go on from your family, the starting point of their relationship with the Lord is your ending point”.
There’s a twofold anointing God wants to give this generation:
i. a ‘Moses anointing’, to lead a generation out of bondage, brokenness, & darkness, into freedom, healing and light.
ii. an ‘Elijah anointing’, to speak truth to corrupt government, and call fire down from heaven against false religion.

23. Daring To Live On The Edge (Loren Cunningham)

24. HG gave us £1500! We have all we need!

25. James Featherby.

26. “Walk in the opposite spirit”.


Notebook: ‘DTS #3’

1. Walk in the opposite spirit.

2. Pray with your body:
1. Lift holy hands. 2. Fall facedown. 3. Bow. 4. Kneel. 5. Bow heads. 6. Dance. 7. Clap.

3. “Forgiveness is setting a prisoner free/
and then discovering the prisoner was me”.

4. Our words have creative power.

5. Menno Simons.

6. Original Design. I am:
Beloved. A joyful worshipper Jer. 31:3,4. Righteous Is. 3:10. Selfless—a humble crutch. Wise. A leader. A teacher. Greedy for the word and knowledge and understanding Ps. 1:2-3; eating books. Thinker (discerning truth, called to apologetics). Like David, a fearless giant-killer. A lion, incredibly fierce in the Spirit. Like Samuel as a boy, saying ‘Yes Lord, your servant is listening’. Able to speak into difficult and sensitive situations with courage and grace. A builder.
I renounce self-sufficiency.

7. Landa Cope, Intro to the OT Template.

8. Genesis 12:17 – But the Lord! God’s not finished with us missionaries of faltering faith.

9. Photograph more intentionally (and print photos etc.)

10. Eat the Scriptures!

11. Genesis. Two main tasks:
1. See the gospel lived out in these stories—the promise believed, passed down and fulfilled, the wicked judged, the elect shown mercy and sanctified.
2. Engage with and perhaps answer the problems at 21st Century person would see in the texts (six-day creationism, incredibly long ages, Babel and linguistic diversity, flood).

12. Paul Garner: New Creationism.

13. – restoring women’s lives.

14. Genesis 16:8 “Where have you come from and where are you going?”

15. God speaks through emotions. What makes you angry? Work to change that thing.

16. Book: Daniel Walker, God in a Brothel.

17. “The Bible gives us backbone—otherwise we’re jellyfish Christians”.

18. John Peachey’s story of a Vietnamese believer’s hunger for the Bible.

19. John Peachey’s story of praying the imprecatory psalms.

20. Gen. 19. Make me like an angel: worshipping you constantly, trusted with your message, saving LOTs from judgement!

21. Gen. 23 Buying a tomb speaks of resurrection faith.

22. Gen. 25:22. “If all is well, why am I this way?”

23. Genesis 26. “Then Isaac sowed in the land and reaped in the same year a hundredfold”.
Overcoming the world (famine), the flesh (generational sin), the enemy (opposition from surrounding people) and Gen 26:18 *unblocking the ancient wells*.

24. “I want to practise dependence on God’s miraculous provision—but I need the humility to realise that not all are called to this”.

25. “We don’t know how long we have to use our talents”.

26. Prov. 18:1 “A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire, he rages against all wise judgement”. (Self-sufficiency).

27. “Chew your own bubblegum” – read Scripture for yourself.

28. “In a conversation between a fool and a wise man—who learns more?”

29. *Joe Ferrante* — has a rare understanding of the Father Heart of God.

30. ‘Octopus Ink’ – what excuses do I use to avoid correction?

31. Four sorts of disciple:
– functions in defiance and rebellion while verbally affirming a commitment to God.
– Blindness and deception
– Avoidance of those in authority.
– Pride and self-reliance.
– Fear of being found out.
– Know what you should do but fearful to do it.
– Feel opposed, so try to work harder rather than humbling self.
– Backsliding.
– Self-pity.
– Need *true* brokenness.
– Slow, laborious growth.
– Procrastination.
– Responsvie not proactive.
– Self-centred restoration.
– Brokenness and humility.
– Active heart examination.
– Immediate application of revelation.
– Interdependent, vulnerable relationships.
– Absence of rebellion, resistance or passivity.
– Constantly hearing the Spirit speak through others.

32. Dean Dallas on the secret of eating cross-culturally: “Coca cola pushes everything down.”

33. “You do the possible, then God will do the impossible”. #LorenCunningham

34. “Those who are willing to give freely as the Lord leads will be allowed the privilege of seeing God multiply their resources to reach the world”. #LorenCunningham

35. “There is no country on earth closed to the gospel—as long as you’re willing to go in and not come out again!” #LorenCunningham

36. “Christianity that costs nothing is worth nothing”. #LorenCunningham

37. 7 Blocks To Forgiveness:
1. Not choosing to forgive (it’s an act of will),
2. Failure to forgive self (we can forgive because God forgives us),
3. Jealousy (wanting the other to suffer),
4. Pride (wanting to be higher than the other),
5.Not understanding God’s character (especially MERCY),
6. Double standards (not seeing the same sin in your own heart),
7. Fear (especially fear of being hurt again)

38. Book: The State of Africa.

39. Think more intentionally about your personal dress-sense.

40. ‘Clothe yourself with scripture’.

41. Becoming the perfect communicator.

42. The Cluetrain Manifesto.

43. “Hypertext is inherently non-hierarchical and antibureaucratic. It does not reinforce loyalty and obedience; it encourages idle speculation and loose talk. It encourages stories”.

44. “In Genesis, we see Moses explaining his family history. Not glossing over the ugly bits, but neither judging that ugliness; allowing—urging—us to draw moral wisdom for ourselves”.

45. Think about what being a good leader involves:
– Understanding *who* you’re leading;
– … *where* you’re leading them to;
– … *where* they are now;
– … *why* they’re following you (or not!)

46. Think of creative things to do together with Taryn.

47. DTS happens in more than six hundred locations, in ninety-five languages…

48. Stuart Hazeldine, scriptwriter.

49. Moureen Menard, International DTS Centre.

50. “Prophecies have to be prayed into being”.

51. “It’s the justice, not specifically the holiness, of God, that prevents us from approaching him in our sin” #MoureenMenard

52. Some questions about HELL:
1. Why does God let people go there?
2. Would it have been better not to have been created?
3. Did God know beforehand that we would sin?
4. Could God choose to forgive without punishment?
5. When people end up in hell, are they repentant?
6. Does God have exhaustive foreknowledge of all that we will do, including our sin?

53. The Biblical worldview: “We live in a supernatural world that is under the control of more than merely human forces”.

54. “The Gospel is not a story—the Gospel is the truth!”

55. God never intended us to die—and so a Gospel that only talks about us dying and going to heaven is not big enough! #MoureenMenard

56. “YWAM would not be fulfilling our God-given mandate if you all joined YWAM!” #MoureenMenard

57. “Don’t die to your God-given passions” #MoureenMenard


59. “Recognise that you have the potential to extend the ministry of Jesus in every relationship and circumstance you are in” #MoureenMenard

60. Gig: Evergreen (Joseph Harper/Sofa Sonic/Wires).

61. “Sexuality is the human drive towards intimate communion”.

62. The building blocks of relationships:
1. Love (the most rugged)
2. Trust (the most fragile)
3. Honour (the most neglected)
4. Understanding (the most time-consuming)

63. Book: Rich Christians In An Age of Poverty.

64. Practical Discipleship: Putting simple things into place to let the Holy Spirit work.

65. Legatum Institute:

66. Gen. 39. Joseph is not just diligent, but can be trusted to take initiative to do all that is necessary. #LeadershipLessons

67. Imagine if Joseph’s family had acknowledged God’s call on his life, and instead of being sold into Egyptian slavery, and then masterminding Pharaoh’s stockpiling of grain, had instead ruled in Canaan…

68. 2 Chron. 20. “The Spirit came on a nobody son of nobody, to interrupt the king’s rambling prayer with the word of the Lord”.

69. The message of Genesis: “This is our God, creator of the heavens and the earth, the father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and he has promised his pilgrim people a land of our own to dwell in—and death cannot keep us from reaching that land”.

Notebook: ‘DTS #2’

1. 4th August, bought this notebook for £1.49

2. Distracted by books:
1. The Incredible Book-Eating Boy
2. Hopscotch, by Julio Cortazar
3. Cambridge Characters, by Julio Mosso.
& Flowers for Algenon (£2 in Fopp)

3. Watched Arriety.

4. Archandroid.

5. “What are the things that define those who *really belong* in your church?”

6. Ps.139 ‘O Lord, you have searched me and known me’ v.1 ‘Search me, O Lord, and know my heart’ v.24

7. “Not many of you should become teachers, brethren, for we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.” James 3:1

8. Exodus 32:30 Moses thinks ‘perhaps I can make atonement…’ – only Jesus can make atonement!

9. ‘Journaling is an important skill to learn and practise if you want to understand the narrative of God’s involvement in your life…’

10. I had gone out to a party
with the friend of a friend’s friend,
I was dressed all cool and arty
so as in the crowd to blend.
As I walked in through the door,
before I even saw,
I knew something was wrong!
(I had known it all along)

11. The electrick moccasin of doom//
Is somewhere in the room.

12. London is burning! (the 2011 riots, and resonances of the 1666 Fire of London)

13. Love Guildford Open Mic Night: Here is poetry, enacted in the midst of community.
Here is performance on a scale that is human.

14. Music, Lyric, Rhyme.

15. ‘Hallo’. ‘Hello’. ‘Hullo’.

16. Dialogue, monologue, speech.
Word association.
Slowly at first then faster
with speed galloping forward at an impossibly ever-increasing rate.
Why should the speed of light be absolute?
The pleasure of words is found somewhere in the space between the hardness of consonants clashing against your teeth and the softness of vowels floating over your tongue.

17. Munich is a dull, violent film that vividly pictures the antithesis of the gospel.

18. The secret of writing a rhyme
has been lost in the passing of time.
That which once all men knew
has been lost so now few
of our poems are ever sublime.

19. ‘What does it mean to be human?’

20. ‘What is spoken in secret will be shouted from the rooftops!’—is a spur to integrity, a divine exhortation to faithfulness, a reminder that no secrecy is absolute. So write! And let your writing be the revelation of thoughts that your psyche has already scrawled across the blackboard of your mind. Do not allow the fear of judgment of your writing cause you to recoil into thoughtlessness—or worse, into some hidden shadow of words…

21. Cambridge will see revival, when the invitation to the wedding of the lamb is taken to the streets.

22. Ani DiFranco.

23. P(h)ilgramage.

24. Devendra Banhart, Chess Club EP.

25. Schaeffer, The Church At The End of the Twentieth Century.

26. Schaeffer, The Church Before The Watching World.

27. Dylan CDs.

28. The key to purity is to soak yourself in the word of God. Ps. 119:9; Prov. 5:6

29. Evidences for the resurrection:
1. Number of witnesses. 2. Willingness of witnesses to die. 3. Peculiarity of doctrine. 4. Unpolished nature of sources.

30. Donna Jordan—Hearing God’s Voice.

31. Conditions of Hearing God’s Voice:
1. Lordship. 2. Repentance. 3. Faith. 4. Being Spirit-filled.

32. Ask God:
1. What do you feel about me?, 2. What do we have in common?, 3. What are your plans and purposes for me?

33. Jo Bishop—Clean Conscience.

34. “In this season, I am a tree in autumn. This is a time of shedding leaves and letting roots go deeper. Not a time to worry about fruitfulness, but a Sabbath season.”

35. Methuselah died in the year of Noah’s flood.

36. Prov. 10:12. ‘Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers a multitude of sins’.

37. ‘We need to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to resist temptation’.

38. ‘Jesus isn’t a crutch, he’s a stretcher!’

39. By definition, we don’t see our blind spots.

40. Rory J Browne, Artist. And Christian.

41. Enter The Worship Circle.

42. Believe everything God says about you.

43. Look after yourself – Jesus did Lk. 4:30. But don’t let self-protection be ultimate.

44. ‘The dogs of doom will always bark the loudest at the gates of your destiny’.

45. FEAR=False Evidence Appearing Real.

Notebook: ‘DTS #1’ (September 2011)

1. “Sean is an irresistible storyteller, an energetic conversationalist, a straight-talking no-nonsense working-class lad, a towering six-foot pock-marked face with a mischievous glint in his eye—a perfect travelling companion.”

2. ‘Liturgy is the antidote to narcissism’ (Shane Claiborne).

3. “You lightweight—you’ve betrayed the code of the road!”

4. Open Air Mission, Newquay.

5. Responses to a hitch-hiker.

6. ‘Into the Wild’ – a story of self-discovery, takes the hollowness of Western materialism as axiomatic…

7. Read ‘Four Quartets’ (T.S. Eliot).

8. Enjoying ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.

9. “David understood that he wasn’t the key character in his story”.

10. Implications of thinking of yourself as the key actor:
1. Perfectionism. 2. Emotional extremism. 3. Busyness & despair.

11. Atticus Finch is a paradigm of fatherhood.

12. “Mark my words, young man, life is not so complicated as many would like you to think.
The reason they complicate it so, is simply their shame at failing to live simply”.

13. Brilliant ideas:
#52 Continue this brilliant idea thing.
#53 Review notebooks every few months.
#54 Make cybercopy of notebooks.
#55 Reflect on the day when it is over.
55.0. Immediate reflection. 55.1,2 … 55.3 Instead, draw brilliant ideas from the day.
#56 Pascal’s Pensees were basically equivalent to these brilliant ideas.
56.1 Read Pascal. 56.2 Come up with less hyperbolic title than ‘brilliant ideas’.

14. Arrived at Harpenden.

15. A card: ‘Dear Peter & Taryn, Welcome to the Oval, we’re glad you’re here. When we prayed for your we got Psalm 126:1-3, Ps. 27:11,12. A picture of you both robed like a king and queen, and the words ‘enriched, intricate wisdom’. A picture of a complicated, delicate metal gate design, sense that together you both see detailed plans, how things work or fit together’.

16. Do things as they need to be done.

17. The King’s Speech.
‘My job was to give them faith in their own voice and let them know that a friend was listening’.
The power of words. Speaking in tongues.
‘Unthinkable to think that we should refuse to meet their challenge’.
Final speech was rousing, inspirational, perfectly enunciated, ironic dramatic tension.
Stammered on the ‘w’—“had to throw in a few so they would know it was me!”
Respect for Colin Firth.

18. Wilberforce quote: ‘Above all, measure your progress by improvement in love to God and man”.

19. The YWAM vision includes everything! (Flying car; fashion models and cowboys for mission)

20. Let your physical training be part of your spiritual discipleship.

21. English culture: tea, talking about the weather, Shakespeare, Sunday roast, English breakfast.

22. 1:16
Simon and Andrew,
two fishermen, were fishing,
as Jesus walked by.

“Come and follow me!
You’re no longer fishermen,
but fishers of men!”

they all abandoned their nets
and followed Jesus.

Zebedee’s two sons
James and John, were fishing too
further down the shore.

So he called them and
they left their nets in the boat

23. ‘Different, not wrong’.

24. Financial lessons from the Bible:
Mal. 3:10 Tithing. Gal. 6:6 Contributing to the ministry by which you are blessed. Rom. 15:27 Bless the Jews. Prov. Be faithful in little. Phil. 4:11-12 Contentment. 2 Cor. 9:6 Sowing seeds. Generosity. Cheerfulness. Rom. Owe nothing. Lev. Jubilee. Matt. Pay Taxes.

25. Sabbath lessons:

26. 3-d Communications. Four principles:
1. Motivation. 2. Integrity. 3. Wisdom. 4. Boldness.

27. “Go and make the world even more aware of the unrelenting love God has for us!”

28. John Stott’s last book: The Radical Disciple.

29. “I want to make disciples who can stick their hands down the cultural toilets of this world and come up smelling like Jesus!”

30. Obey instantly, totally, joyfully.

31. Being a disciple is about restoring simplicity to our lives.

32. The ‘one anothers’.

33. “This DTS isn’t about you—it’s about your children and your children’s children.”

34. “If people go around saying ‘God said…’, it’s like taking the name of God in vain!”

35. “You hear with your ears, but you listen with your heart”.
36. “God’s presence is the only thing that will distinguish us from everyone else on earth”.
37. ‘Angels on Assignment’.
38. This mission is a ‘University of the Spirit’.
39. Study 1 Thessalonians—this is a book about the gospel coming in the fullness of the Spirit.
40. Humanism is faith in man. Mysticism is faith in faith. Christianity is faith in Christ.
41. 3 John v.9 Diotrophes and the sin of loving being first.
42. This DTS is not about accumulating information, but receiving IMPARTATION.

Notebook (Summer ’11)

opens at 100 goals, spiritual/social/personal/financial, these are totally blank. but a few pages later (after a brief date and ‘come back into the routine of scribbling in this notebook’ and bible verses from 2 sam 11) begins my own take on the 100 goals, my brilliant ideas:

1. come up with a brilliant idea everyday
2. set up a brilliant ideas blog. but don’t put any of the brilliant ideas there! KEEP THEM SECRET. instead fill the brilliant ideas blog with terrible ideas, thereby sabotaging the competition.
3. don’t think of anyone as competition (link to _losers_ by belle brigade)
4. tell taryn frequently that you love her.
5. get some new black biros.//lots of them//why can i never find a decent pen to write down an idea when it comes to mind?
6. start a record label. ‘undignified music’. become a busker. encourage people w/ potential to record. soundcloud. bandcamp. awal.
7. (clothed in scripture. sackcloth. joseph’s coat. prophet’s garb. white linen. elijah’s mantle. clothed in promise.) start a clothing brand movement of brandless (unbranded) clothing.
8. spend an hour every week doing photography. (8.1 schedule it into your life. 8.2 buy a new charger cable for your camera)
9. memorise mark’s gospel. (9.1 do it with taryn. 9.2 invent a one-person dramatic routine to go with it)
10. write a film noir script of mark’s gospel (10.1 buy that film noir collection from fopp. 10.2 watch them with taryn. 10.3 schedule this into your life. 10.4 do this instead of orange wednesdays this week)
11. spend five minutes free-writing everyday.
12. write haiku (12.0 find out the proper metre of haiku [5-7-5] 12.1 read lots of haiku. 12.2 translate every verse of the bible into haiku. 12.3 begin with the gospel of mark. 12.3.1 here begins good news:// the name of the messiah?//JESUS, Son of God. 12.4 put a verse
of mark into haiku each day. 12.5 see how many verses mark’s gospel has. 12.6 write them on the back of business cards.)
13. don’t stay up past 10.30.
14. but do the dishes before going to bed.
15. whenever you have a brilliant idea, put in writing and begin
having ideas about how to put the idea into action.

mark 1:1:
here begins good news:
the name of the messiah?
JESUS, Son of God.

here is fulfilment
of the prophet’s prophecies:
the messenger comes.
now at last we see
the day the prophets spoke of.
and first, the herald.

In the wilderness
cries out the voice, unashamed:
Make way! Here comes God!

And thus John baptised,
preaching about repentance
and God’s forgiveness.

All Jerusalem
and Judea came to him,
confessing their sins.

Not much to look at:
camel-skin coat, leather belt and
munching on locusts.
A sight to behold,
untempted by dainty food
and dressed in leather.

But John said, Don’t look
to me but to Him who comes.
I am unworthy.

I just have water.
You need God to baptise you
with His own Spirit.

brilliant idea #16 revive your mathematical skills.

(message: ‘i am not ashamed of the gospel’ — how the gospel is the
solution to all the problems which cause you to take offense at the

ian: ‘explore the grandeur of God — this will impact how you live’

as he rose from the water,
the Spirit came down.

Then there came the voice,
Heaven roaring with pleasure:
‘I love you, my son’.

the Spirit drove him away
to the wilderness.

He was forty days
tempted by Satan, with wild beasts.
Then, the angels came.

brilliant idea #17 give God all the glory

#18 sit in the garden more often (18.1 learn the names of plants. 18.2
learn more than just names. learn uses, properties &c.)

#19 read all the books on leadership, management, influence, entrepreneuring.

#20 become a poet again.//write poems.//criticise poems.//read poems.//have a poetry blog.//do each once per week.

(a poem:
here goes.
first stab
at carving out a poem
after ten years of indolence.

beginner’s luck
and childlike charm
won me a poetry prize
once upon a time.

then hard times came
an ever-short’ning list of rhymes,
an unhappy self-parodying pose
— a melting of bitterness.

prophets need to be angry,
need to tip their tongues with venom
and spit out killer words
through the orang asli blow-pipe.

but becoming the goldfish king,
conquering my goldfish bowl,
made me goldfish forgetful
of bitterness and fury.

pride there was:
it swelled till it popped.
now i am humble:
but the bitterness and fury remain.

i have traded poetry for prophecy.
but the wordsmith’s craft-knife must be sharpened again.)

brilliant idea #21 stop fasting.

#22 walk around the block every morning before breakfast. and then
have breakfast. with taryn.

#23 stop praying long aimless prayers. (Holy Spirit please help me to
pray//Jesus, please teach me to pray//Father, please answer my

#24 evaluate the past year.

#25 learn to be a better friend.


#27 learn to juggle

#28 learn to draw a crowd.

#29 learn to draw.

#30 capoeira. or at least handstands.

#31 sabbath beautifully.

mark 1:14
Preaching the gospel
of the kingdom of heaven:
Jesus after John.

#32 pray about politics, and take an interest.

#33 put into writing a ‘why i don’t drive’ manifesto.

#34 lie on the grass and look at the sky. (YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS).

#35 read francis schaeffer. and martin lloyd jones. that is to say,
read the reformed people who have great influence. feel free to ignore
those who haven’t.

#36 a photo project//naming as many different//shades of colour as possible.

#37 watch birds flying.

#38 learn the names of birds//and plants//and trees. (~= #18.1)

#39 sit on the street and watch the world go by.

#40 learn the different languages of people in the neighbourhood.

#41 remember people’s names.

(Man in the Moon: Natalie Sculz: nice twist on Green Day’s Time of
Your Life; melancholy, sweet; clever lyrics; nervous glances upwards
whenever there’s a difficult chord; jeans, open chequered shirt over
yellow ‘superdry’ tee; confidently cheeky interplay with (tiny)
audience between songs; lady gaga; poignant song about grandma)

street gospel illustrations:
SEEDS — sower//reap what you sow//faith as small//unless a seed dies
COINS — pay you to listen//image on the coin//our debt//don’t love
money,love God
SHOES — how beautiful are the feet
KEYS — freedom//key of david//keys to Peter because of faith
WATER — die without water//God like water//2 evils(jer.)//if anyone is thirsty

#42 find out how it is that one goes about promoting a blog

#43 write for the people you know — but only in part

#44 honor your parents. write about them. about why you love them.
about the things they have been through.

#45 find out ways how you might make money from writing

#46 put some of these into practice

#47 let your photos launch you towards writing

(scribbles: ‘marriage is…’
‘rewrite these sentences’
’24-7 constitution’
‘CPC video’
‘how can we be absolutely sure of the Bible…’
‘what is a presbyterian’
‘jubilee//horses//elijah//song of songs//fractals//son of
man//water//sabbath’ <== brilliant idea x+1 for each of these put together as many brief thoughts as possible, a la '7 reasons for 24:7 prayer'; this could be expanded on if you had the time. #48 spend time in coffee shops. leave the house in search of inspiration. #49 go parachuting. 24-7 network day (pete greig: we are across the jordan) evangelism == COMMUNICATING the gospel 'we want friends, not funds' when the truly human is seen, every mere human will worship inDevotion: 5 piece Swedish punk band. Energetic, inspirational, uplifting. Measured, tight, professional. Confident: 'together we can ____'. 'We're gonna shout to the outer space'. Second language English. #50 publish a collection of 24 poems for my birthday (didn't happen) #51 bookshop that only sells 12 different books each week unfinished scribblings: Afternoon, and the clouds have scattered all the crowds of summer, and the touts selling punt tours are still out- side and wearing their plastic waterproof smiles, they ask if you'd be intested-- Rejoice always, Pray without ceasing, Give thanks in everything for this is the will of God, this is the means of grace, this is the opening of the gates of heaven, this is the shattering of the walls of Jericho, this is the tearing of the Temple curtain, this is the unveiling of the mystery, this is the demonstration of the power, this is the vision of the glory, this is the HALLELUJAH. Rejoice always, and again I say-- this is lyric flowing forth unphased on the wings of the spray of spit that soars from the delicate tip of declaiming tongue, pronouncing syllables swiftly pausing only occasionally, pausing only for breath it initially appears, although after some observation after some adaptation to this peculiar poetic pose, one might be persuaded perhaps that the poet pauses for effect: the effect of giving his audience in the front two rows some respite from the lyrical thunderstorm of spittle rained upon them by the wind of inspiration. SOCIAL MEDIA TO THE GLORY OF GOD what is whispered in secret//relationship<==>communication//not
servants but friends//what is a friend//cyber-locality and the sabbath
day’s walk

who are my friends//fathers//followers

proof that you should run through evenly-distributed constant rain.
find time taken for walker to reach shelter.
find relation between r and rho.
find number of raindrops which hit person’s head.
find number of raindrops which hit front.

‘i have a mistaken and entirely unsubstantiated belief — but it’s
more than that, it’s a conviction — that i am a great writer’.

Notebook: ‘#4’ (Spring ’11)

1. “I was in the Spirit on the Lord’s Day
and I heard behind me a loud voice,
as of a trumpet, saying ‘What you see, write in a book…’”

2. View from the staircase window.

Glancing through,
as you make your way
towards whatever room it might be
whither comes the wisdom of generations,
Granny’s voice recounting
the adventures and escapades,
histories and myths,
comedies and romances
of the Prescott line
from the throne of her living-room leather-chair–
or advising on sundry matters
as the sun sparkles like diamond
on the rooftop snow.

A day later,
and the snow is retreating into itself,
While the cactus on the windowsill
and prickly.

3. “Thousands can think for one who can see”. Ruskin.

4. To see is one part sight, one part opportunity, and one part bristling determination.

5. England.

winding country lanes,
small villages,
tea with milk no sugar,
discussion of the weather,
car boot sales,
fair play,
and cousins whose names I know.

6. “Oh, that I had wings like a dove!
For then I would fly away and be at rest.
Indeed I would wander far off
and remain in the wilderness”.

7. Remember God’s specific words and promises to you:
1. YF Camp: Prov. 16:1,9 “You have great ambitions, God has greater.”
2. Bethany Home: “I dreamt you were at Cambridge”.
3. Jan ’08: ‘Ask What does being a Christian mean to you?”
4. Lent term: “I remember going with the joyful multitude”.
5. Sinai ’09. A) Catch Cambridge imagination with the kingdom of God.
B) Would you wait seven years to marry my daughter?
6. Summer ’09 A) Call to be a watchman. Hab. 2:1-4 with such force that I leapt out of bed at 5am and ran across Delhi to tell Taryn
B) Song of Solomon is about Jesus. Weeping at ‘dark but lovely’.
7. Easter Saturday ’10. EZEKIEL. “Son of man, eat this…” (spent whole night reading unstoppably the whole book, having started with S of S)
8. Easter Term ’10 Haggai 1:4. Is it time for you to worry about your panelled houses, and the house of God to lie in ruins?
9. Ps. 92/Ps. 1/Jer. 17 “You are like the palm tree, rooted in God’s word”
10. “O my Father, my Father, the chariots of Israel and their horsemen”.
11. July ’10. Dad@pre-wedding dinner: Ps. 84:5-6. ‘Blessed is he whose heart is set on pilgrimage’
12. Wedding invitation: Ps. 126 “It was said among the nations, ‘The Lord has done great things for us…’ “
13. Pray Ps. 119 Revival—personal & Cambridge.
14. 16th Sep: A) Jer. 1 I’ve made you a prophet to the nations…
B) Sing Song 2 to the bride (+ Frenchman’s word about flag from belly)
C) Revival will come to Europe when the men learn to pray ‘like women in childbirth’.
15. Sep ’10 Joel 2:10. Beat ploughshares into swords.
16. Sep-Nov ’10. Let my Bride come and join me in the house of prayer!
17. Nov ’10 Just a little boy with five loaves… but with God there’s enough.
18. Dec ’10. Mr Reynolds: Double portion of Elisha, zeal of Jehu, carry presence of God like 1 Sam. 6 oxen.
19. Jan ’11. Isaac sowed in that land and reaped in the same year 100fold.
20. Feb ’11. Joel 2:12-32 ‘Let the leaders say… Do not give heritage to reproach’.

8. In prayer I am weeping for:
1. The gospel to be preached where unpreached. 2. Night and day worship on earth as in heaven.

9. 24 Lessons on Prayer. From the Lord’s Prayer.
1. One thing is necessary.
2. Jesus is our inspiration.
3. Jesus is our teacher.
4. ‘A certain place’ is helpful.
5. Set prayers can be helpful.
6. Prayer is a requirement.
7. Verbalising our prayers is helpful.
8. Be intimate.
9. Be reverent.
10. Ask for what you know God wants.
11. Ask for what you think you need.
12. Pray daily.
13. In prayer we realise our need of forgiveness.
14. Prayerful intimacy with God can exist even when very conscious of inherent sinfulness.
15. As we pray, we start to act more like God.
16. Pray together with others.
17. Pray specifically.
18. Pray persistently.
19. Anyone can pray successfully. (11:10)
20. Christlike prayer culminates in intercession for others’ needs.
21. Prayer must be rooted in intimate relationship with God.
22. Prayer must be rooted in a knowledge of the goodness of God.
23. Prayer uses reasons.
24. Final tip: ask for the Holy Spirit!
25. Prayer is a spiritual battle!

10. What does Jesus promise the Spirit will do?
1. Be a Helper. Jn. 14:16.
2. Abide with us forever. 14:16.
3. Will be in us. 14:17.
4. Ensure we are not left as orphans 14:18.
5. Allow us to see Jesus even though the world cannot. 14:19.
6. Teach us all things 14:26.
7. Bring to remembrance all that Jesus said 14:26
8. Testify of Jesus 15:26
9. And thereby equip us to testify of Jesus 15:27.
10. And thereby confirm the eyewitness testimonies of Jesus 15:27
11. Convict the world of sin 16:8,9
12. Convict the world of righteousness 16:8,10
13. Convict the world of judgment 16:8,11
14. Guide us into ‘all truth’ 16:13
15. Tell us ‘things to come’ 16:13
16. Permit us to hear things Jesus did not even say on earth 16:12
17. Glorify Jesus.
18. Declare to us what belongs to Jesus.
19. Give us peace Jn. 20:21-22, 14:27.
20. Equip us to be sent out as Jesus was 20:21-23.
21. Give authority to extend forgiveness. Jn. 20:23.
22. Make us responsible for not forgiving Jn. 20:23.
23. Enable us to enter the kingdom of God. Jn. 3:5
24. Make us ‘born again’ Jn. 3:3-8.
25. Enable us to worship the Father truly Jn. 5:23-24.
26. Keep us from ever being thirsty Jn. 5:14, Jn. 7:37-38.
27. Share with us the resurrection life of Jesus Jn. 14:19.

11. Matthew Key’s Tip for establishing 24-7 Prayer: Make friends with pastors.

12. A proud Christian is an oxymoron.

13. Ps. 119 Revival prayer.