God’s First Rainbow (Abigail & Sophie McMahon)

Noah's Ark
This was a gift to Isaac.

God’s First Rainbow

Two by two
Into the ark,
The animals did go;

Pandas first,
Then Chimpanzee,
Next lions and rhino.

Safe and sound
They settled down,
Water began to flow;

As raindrops flooded
Land and sea,
The boat rocked to and fro.

All animals on board
Were scared,
From mice to buffalo!

‘It’s only forty days
And nights’
Said optimistic crow.

God sent the sun
To dry the rain,
And cast the first rainbow.

The animals
They all rejoiced,
‘Now homewards we can go!’

Noah was so happy,
He saw life
Begin to grow.

God always keeps
His promises–
The Bible tells us so!

With love from,
the McMahon family

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