Growing in Prayer (Mike Bickle)



Not every believer is called to preach, but every Christian is called to pray.

Prayer is a place of encounter.

The call to prayer is a call to participate in the love that has forever burned in God’s heart.

Prayer is a way to receive blessing.

Receiving more from God is not about convincing Him to be willing to give us more. Rather, it is about God’s convincing His people to pray for more with confidence.

Prayer is partnership with God.

The Lord can easily build His kingdom without using us, but He wants to involve us because He is committed to a relationship of partnership with us. Jesus is not just a King with power; He is also a Bridegroom with a desire for relationship.

the essence of effective prayer is that we speak in agreement with God.

prayer is telling God what He tells us to tell Him.

Prayer is one of God’s brilliant strategies, the most brilliant way to rule the universe. Why? Because when we speak God’s Word back to God, it draws us into intimacy with His heart and unifies us with others who pray the same things. And it humbles us and transforms us at the same time.

we come boldly to the “throne of grace” (Heb. 4:16) not the “throne of literary accuracy.”

The best book I have ever read on the beauty of God is The Evidential Power of Beauty by Thomas Dubay.

First, it is prayer with confidence in the authority of Jesus over sickness and the works of darkness.
Second, it is prayer with confidence in the blood of Jesus that qualifies weak people such as us
Third, it is prayer with confidence in the desire of Jesus to bless.

The scripture makes it clear that the measure of a husband’s effectiveness in prayer is connected to the measure with which he honors his wife. He can pray with eloquence and energy in public, but if he speaks in unkind ways to his wife in private, without repenting of it to her, then his prayers are hindered.

praying more does not compensate for unrepented sins that we deliberately continue to commit,

The Bible sets forth important conditions for effective prayer. These conditions include those we have discussed in this chapter—faith, good relationships, righteous living, and earnestness—as well as knowing our authority in Christ and perseverance.

God is looking for our agreement with Him because it strengthens our relationship with Him. As we pray with faith, we pray in agreement with God’s authority and Jesus’s finished work on the cross. As we live righteously, we live in agreement with God’s character. As we pray earnestly and persistently, we live in agreement with God’s priorities.Read more at location 922 • Delete this highlight

I encourage you to study all of [the conditions of effective prayer] further using the references provided:
✦ Faith (Matt. 21:21–22; Mark 11:23–24; 1 John 5:14–15)
✦ Right relationships, particularly husbands honoring wives (1 Pet. 3:7)
✦ A righteous (holy) life (Ps. 66:18; Isa. 59:2; 1 John 3:19–22)
✦ Earnestness (persistence) (Isa. 30:18–19; 62:6–7; Matt. 7:7–11; Luke 11:5–13; 18:1–8; James 5:17)
✦ In accordance with the will of God (1 John 5:14–15)
✦ In the name of Jesus (John 14:13–14, 26; 16:23–24)
✦ Pure motives (James 4:2–3)
✦ Boldness (Heb. 4:16)
✦ Forgiveness (Matt. 6:15; 5:23–24)
✦ Prayer of agreement, in unity (Matt. 18:19–20).

Even the prayers from the distant past—from three hundred years ago or three thousand years ago—are still effective in God’s presence.

The prayers for revival and justice offered by all the saints from the whole of history will be fully answered together at the end of the age.

our fruit consists of godly character as well as ministry and service. It is made up mostly of small things—

If we ask the Spirit, He will teach us about God’s Word, will, and ways by giving us wisdom and creative ideas for every area of our lives, including how to steward our money, manage our schedules, prosper in relationships, function in ministry, and walk in purity and health, physically and emotionally.

The Spirit inspires us to recommit again and again to live in wholeheartedness and to never let go of our vision to walk in the fullness of God in our lives.

I have three prayer lists: one for my personal life, one for people and places (ministries, businesses, cities, nations), and one for justice issues, including governments and social problems.

I urge you not to fall for the age-old lie that automatically calls all discipline “legalism.”

The Lord is raising up a multitude of men and women—singers, preachers, evangelists, writers, intercessors, people in the workplace—all over the world who will proclaim that God delights in His people. Then it will become normal for God’s people to grow confident in His affections for them instead of drawing back in shame as many do today.

We really do have enough time both to go deep in God and to relate well to people. We do not have to give up our prayer times with God to fulfill His will in our personal responsibilities related to our jobs and family lives.

“As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.”

it is a paradox because it takes time with God to grow in relationship with God and people. Only emotionally uncluttered people who cultivate a quiet heart are able to grow in relational depth.

Praying for the sick is one form of intercession that is not optional.

Set your heart to pray for someone who is sick every day for the rest of your life.

[Mike Bickle prays regularly that God would] “Open doors of finance and favor, releasing the wealth of the nations to the ministry of YWAM (Hag. 2:7–9; Deut. 8:18). Open the financial windows of heaven until there is no more need (Mal. 3:10–11). . . .”

Below are some examples [of apostolic prayers]:
✦ Acts 4:24–31 (A prayer for impartation of Holy Spirit boldness through the release of signs and wonders)
✦ Romans 15:5–7 (A prayer for unity in the church across a city)
✦ Romans 15:13 (A prayer to be filled with supernatural joy, peace, and hope)
✦ Romans 10:1 (A prayer for Israel to be saved through Jesus)
✦ 1 Corinthians 1:4–8 (A prayer to be enriched with the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, leading to righteousness)
✦ Ephesians 1:17–19 (A prayer to receive the revelation of Jesus’s beauty, to see how greatly He values His people as His inheritance, and to walk in a greater measure of the power of God)
✦ Ephesians 3:16–19 (A prayer for the supernatural strengthening of the heart and a deeper experience of God’s love)
✦ Philippians 1:9–11 (A prayer for God’s love to abound in our hearts, resulting in discernment and a deep commitment to righteousness)
✦ Colossians 1:9–12 (A prayer to know God’s will, to be fruitful in ministry, and to be strengthened by intimacy with God as we do the work of the kingdom)
✦ 1 Thessalonians 3:9–13 (A prayer for the release of effective ministry to strengthen believers so they will abound in love and holiness)
✦ 2 Thessalonians 1:11–12 (A prayer to be equipped and prepared to walk in the fullness of God’s destiny for the church and its people)
✦ 2 Thessalonians 3:1–5 (A prayer for the Word to increase by the release of Holy Spirit power and to encounter the love of God in a greater way)

When I use the word revival, I am referring to an unplanned, unprecedented historic intervention of the Holy Spirit in power over an extended period of time and a large geographic area. This type of outpouring of the Spirit results in multitudes being saved (hundreds of thousands or millions) and the church’s being revived to a state of radical love and obedience to Jesus in the fear of the Lord.

The Book of Revelation gives us a glimpse into the worship order around God’s throne (Rev. 4–5). Of the many aspects that may be identified, I will mention five: worship in heaven is God-centered (Rev. 4:8; 5:11–14), relational (Rev. 5:9–10), continual (Rev. 4:8), musical (Rev. 5:9), and antiphonal-interactive (vv. 8–14). Each of these characteristics was expressed in the worship order that King David established in Israel. I believe that each will also be reflected in the end-time worship movement..

One of the most significant events in the prayer movement in this generation was the first International Prayer Assembly in Seoul in 1984, which was cosponsored by the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization and the Korean church.

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