Notebook: ‘As DTS Started’ (Autumn ’12)

1. Describe yourself in three sentences.

2. “Peter Prescott grew up as a missionary kid in Asia. While studying Mathematics at university, God gave him a burden for prayer and evangelism, so he switched to Theology and after graduating joined YWAM. He longs to see revival fire filling England with night-and-day worship overflowing in mission to the ends of the earth”.

3. “Don’t confuse *reverence* with heaviness or slothfulness of spirit”.

4. “Jesus’ healing ministry was pure tokenism. He didn’t go around emptying hospitals”. #PatrickDixon

5. “Uncertainty opens doors to hearts”. #PatrickDixon

6. “Each trend is a new opportunity. And for every trend there is a countertrend.” #PatrickDixon

7. The 80:20 rule – use it to double the impact of your leadership.

8. The FUTURE is Fast, Urban, Tribal, Universal, Radical, Ethical. #PatrickDixon

9. “You will never again have so many children growing up”#PatrickDixon

10. “The most effective way for the church to grow is biologically”. #PatrickDixon

11. “You either have to make babies or import them—that’s why you’re going to see a serious amount of immigration”. #PatrickDixon

12. “It is impossible to lead without Christian values”. #PatrickDixon

13. “It is impossible to be fulfilled unless you’re living unselfishly”. #PatrickDixon

14. ‘Democratic Change in the Arab World’, Eric Chaney (

15. Book: I Am Charlotte Simmons, Tom Wolfe.

16. Birthday Ingredients: Celebration, Cards, Cake, Congratulations.

17. Who is worthy? Rev. 5:9 => Only Jesus; 2 Thess. 1:11 => May we be too!

18. Why should every YWAMer blog? i. Evangelise. ii. Mobilise. iii. Friendraise.

19. “Carve his promises in the stone of my heart”

20. Reading Romans 4.
1 Samuel 7:5,11b: “Are you the one to build me a house to dwell in?…The Lord declares to you that the Lord himself will establish a house for you.”
‘I feel God is promising to help us buy a four bedroom house in Cambridge worth £500, 000.’
I feel? No! “The Lord *declares to you* that He will establish such a house for you!” (1 Sam.7)
#1 Do not be tempted to justify this house by the merit of your works. “The promise comes *by faith*…that it may be *guaranteed*”
#2 Have *faith* in the promise of God: the God who gives life to the dead, and calls things that are not as though they are.
#3 Believe *in hope*.
#4 Face the fact that in human terms this is impossible.
#5 But do not let your faith waver—we do not operate merely ‘in human terms’.
#6 Strengthen your faith by giving glory to God for He has power to fulfil his promise.
Lord, would you give me a seal? Not as a fleece but as a guarantee? Impression: Look today for £100.
‘Trust me for this house! Don’t plot to make it happen in your own strength. Be like Elisha, not like Jehu. Don’t violently take hold of (‘grasp’ Phil. 2:5) that which is promised. Humble yourself like Jesus.

21. “Christianity is not constipated people who walk in straight lines”.

22. “…teaspoons of truth that every one of us can swallow…”

23. “YWAM’s biggest weakness is trying to fix things immediately without having fellowship with people in their suffering”.

24. We are rooted in God, but our ‘topsoil’ is our culture, our family, our financial situation.
“You have to accept your topsoil”.
What negative topsoil have I to deal with? (I’ve been very blessed!) – It’s *displacement*: the trauma of friendships suddenly lost, by one or both of us suddenly moving away to somewhere else.

25. Prayer is like rugby: whoever has the ball, get behind them and run with them.

26. Different types of prayer: intercession, confession, declaration, liturgical prayer, blessing, travail.
Liturgical prayer is about ministering unto God.

27. “The poorest man in the world is the man without a dream”. Miles Monroe.

28. “The death of a seed is the planting of a forest”.

29. *Write down* what God is speaking to you.

30. “Pr-i-de puts ‘I’ at the centre.”

31. Photography and the shallowness of our perception of beauty.

32. #RunForAReason

33. “All of our spiritual problems stem from a wrong understanding of God’s character & ways”.

34. “The early apostles would not probably not ask the question ‘If you died tonight, would you go to heaven’, but ‘If you lived tomorrow…?’ –!

35. Is Calvinism just a pious sort of Deism?

36. Thanksgiving
is the helium
that fills up the balloon
of prayer.
Lifting it upwards,
Thanks for
the daily bread delivered,
the glass of cold water,
the sweet evening air.

37. “The Christian life is about making friends. Maybe God brought you here on DTS just to make friends!” #DanBaumann

38. “God says ‘Go!’ – He doesn’t say ‘Come back’…” #DanBaumann

39. Book: Releasing Your Children To The Lord, Gunila Baumann (

40. “For those who are interested in missions, the greatest hindrance is their parents!” #DanBaumann

41. “Everything you do for God, needs to come from intimacy with God”. #Dan Baumann

42. “We were never meant to live from obligation! Never!” #DanBaumann

43. “The Christian journey isn’t about being 100% sure of what God’s called you to do, it’s about being 100% sure that God loves you”. #DanBaumann

44. “God is more committed to fulfil his will for our life than we are committed to find it!” #DanBaumann

45. “Do you remember the day you most experienced God’s love? He’s the same today!” #DanBaumann

46. “The first thing I want to tell you about prison is about the faithfulness of God” #DanBaumann

47. “The Christian life is about becoming more overwhelmed with the goodness of God” #DanBaumann

48. “You can’t talk about passion without commitment” #DanBaumann

49. “The most passionate person I have ever encountered was Michael Jordan” #DanBaumann

50. “Be a little rambunctious!” #DanBaumann

51. Sola Scriptura. Only Scripture is infallible. Which means everything we say about Scripture is fallible. Filled with mistakes. But necessarily? No! By recognising our fallenness, we learn to tie every thought to Scripture. We take *every thought * captive.

52. “Genesis 1:26 means population is never the problem, it’s always a solution!”

53. “Business is where we get to co-create with God”.

54. “Entrepreneurs should ask, i. ‘What does the community need?, & ii. ‘How can we create jobs?’

55. Aid vs. Economics : manna as aid for refugee Israelites—stopped as soon as they enter promised land.

56. ‘YWAM is a Levitical family. Not a church’.

57. “Christian art should not be propaganda—when you wake up & see a sunrise, it doesn’t say ‘Brought to you by Jesus’!”

58. ‘Peter & Taryn, you’re like Rosemary & Jasmine.’

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