Read This Before Our Next Meeting (Al Pittampalli)

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1. We have too many meetings.
2. We have too many bad meetings.

1. Traditional meetings create a culture of compromise.
2. Traditional meetings kill our sense of urgency.

Three (non-)meeting types:
1. Convenience. 2. Formality. 3. Social.

What’s not a meeting:
1. Conversations. 2. Group-work sessions. 3. Brainstorm sessions.

1. We’re usually good at conversations.
2. Unlike meetings, they are not a ‘weapon of mass interruption’.

Seven principles of a modern meeting:
1. Supports a decision that has already been made.
2. Moves fast and ends on schedule.
3. Limits the number of attendees.
4. Rejects the unprepared attendee.
5. Produces committed action plans.
6. Refuses to be informational. Reading memos is mandatory.
7. Works only alongside a culture of brainstorming.

A meeting might be necessary for one of only two reasons:
1. Conflict. 2. Coordination.

‘The die is cast!’

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