Mystery of the Dragon

The Request

I’m looking for some help with an epic hip hop opera I’ve written based on the book of Job. It’s a contemporary paraphrase addressing the ancient and oh-so-contemporary problem of evil. I’m calling it ‘The Mystery of the Dragon’. I’ve got lyrics — sixteen thousand words of tight rhyming couplets. Now I need beats, production, choreography, video… Know anyone who might want to be involved?

Our Mission
To wrestle with Leviathan (the Mystery of the Dragon).
That is, attempting to solve the problem(s) of evil (generally and specifically)
By CREATIVELY reinterpreting the Message of Job
(which is at its most basic, the problem of evil — ‘why do bad things happen to good people?’)
through the medium of HIP HOP.
See also #MyRealJOB

What Is Hip Hop?
There are five elements to Hip Hop culture:
– lyrical (MCing/rapping),
– musical (DJing/producing),
– visual (graffiti),
– physical (BBoying/breakdancing, inc. videos and videography, clothes and fashion),
– intellectual(Street Culture/Cross-Cultural Knowledge)

Thus hip hop, like opera, is a manifestation of ‘total art’ (Gesamtkunstwerk).

My Specific Story
On a YWAM DTS in 2010, I was suddenly inspired to write a lyrical gospel rap inspired by my previous meditation on the character of Elihu in the Book of Job. I joked that I would like it to eventually become a full hip hop opera telling the full Scriptural story of Job. A few months (around May 2011) later I wrote another piece: the first conversation between God and Satan. For the next several years there was no further development, although occasionally I attempted to write a little more — nothing would come together. Then suddenly in January 2016, amidst various challenging personal circumstances, a creative dam broke and I found myself writing fifteen thousand words in tight rhyme: almost forty tracks, which I hope will one day become a series of four visual albums (like Beyonce’s Lemonade) with irresistible beats, and accompanying music videos with breakdancing, innovative videography and street art — the works!