(thoughts from 2nd October 2017 scribbled on our kitchen cupboards)


– to wrestle with the mystery of evil (‘Leviathan’)
– to slay dragons (like St. George, this is England’s foundational myth and our national calling)
– to fight injustice/evil (first take splinter out my own eye: identificational repentance necessary before attempting to address a problem, even Jesus had to get baptized!)
– to find solutions to people’s/the world’s problems

– to invite people to encounter God (Elihu)
— esp. by creatively engaging with Scripture
– to be unashamed of my youth, but speak as Holy Spirit leads
– to refuse pious half-truths devoid of the fiery seal of personal experiential revelation
— even if you sound foul-mouthed and self-righteous (Job)

– to build an altar and intercede for the next generation (most esp. my own family)

– to worship in reverent awe the ineffable, transcendent Creator and Judge of all the earth (Job, eventually)

– to be PRESENT with the victims of injustice (friends) without giving in to the temptation to offer easy half-truths as answers

– to be honest about dinosaurs (Behemoth)
— open to all questions, no skeletons-in-the-closet