How To Fight For Joy

How To Fight For Joy

Thank-you Wales!

This is a truly great song:

Yeah i’m up at ridgeway

Now i’m down the Moorings, right next to the debenhams

And i’ll be port forever.

Yes it is my lifeblood

these streets they are a part of me.

The yin to my yang

The craig to my bellamy.

Catch me in the kitchen

I’ve got cheese – I’m melting it.

Caerphilly, bread and ham

Hey presto it’s a rarebit.

Head out to caerleon

off-white transit,

febreeze on the dash for the strain where my nan sits.

Out for a big one, sniffin’ on the miaow miaow

DJ on the ones and twos, spinnin’ little bow wow.

On the dancefloor raving, pack of 16 Benson,

Someone fighting bouncers… turns out it’s Gavin Henson.

Big up to Plaid Cymru, and the Welsh Assembly

Big up to Millennium, we don’t need no Wembley.

Keep your Big Apple…

We’ll have a Tangerine.

Bugger off Alicia, Shirley Bassey is our queen.

Round here we stick together,

Like birds of a feather.

… Except we’re not from Chigwell…

We’re from the small welsh town of…


Concrete jumble, nothing in order

Not far from the border.

When you’re in Newport..

Chips, cheese, curry makes you feel brand new

Washed down with a special brew.

Repeat the word Newport, Newport, Newport…

Catch me at Gwent Dragons in my fleece watching real sport

Shit, I make the Dragon’s fleece more famous than the Argonauts.

And now that I’ve made it here I can make it anywhere,

Signed a girl’s babbles when I headlined at the local fair.

Yeah you know the D to the V to the LA.

Dad said ‘Get a job with them’, but Swansea’s too far away.

so look me up on Google – I’m seven pages in

Was in the local paper, Mam threw it in the bin.

She didn’t see the article calling me a rap star

Ripped it into pieces, and used it for the hamster.

Tom Jones, Steve Jones, Rita Jones, Traffic cones

If you come and visit use the Designated Parking Zones…

There’s a snooker hall, see

But i’m not a member…

And a lovely shopping centre opened in December.

so head over the water…

On the Transporter…

Fifty for the toll booth

Male Voice Choir singing out…


Twinned with Guangxi Province in China

…There’s no province finer

Josie D’Arby’s from Newport

Yes, it strange, we didn’t know either

…Thankyou Wikipedia

Let’s say some more Newports, newports, Newports

One hand in the air for a taxi

Fifty quid if you’re sick on the back seat

But all those bendy roads make me queasy…

Can someone hold my hair?

Everybody say…



Access from the A4042

Traffic will enrage you

On your way to Newport

Our shopping centre is quite new

Big leeks will inspire you.

Repeat to fade Newport, Newport Newport…


And then there’s this, which doesn’t really compare:

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