The Training4Trainers Church-Planting Movement Plan

Here is the basic CPM plan in a nutshell.

Find God’s HEART for your people and do not cease to seek Him for the fulfillment of His vision

— A VISION exists by you and your team to do whatever it takes to see ALL people have a chance to respond to the kingdom. This could be multitudes of believers and thousands of churches (and/or small groups).

— Since this vision is so large, you break it down into basic relational SEGMENTS. Your goal is simple: plant a reproducing mustard seed of believers and churches with the vision to reach that segment and beyond. If you had ten church planting teams, where would you place them strategically so that movements could emerge to saturate your whole target area?

— You know a movement has taken root in each segment when you can track at least four generations of believers and churches – G4 – in that place.

— To fulfill the vision, you have to start at the foundation by ABIDING in Christ– full of integrity, faith, humility and desperation for God and His vision.

— At the same time, you, your team, outside supporters and new believers are crying out fervently to God in PRAYER to see the vision fulfilled. 

To fulfill the vision, you do your part in the divine-human partnership – the five high value activities of the FOUR FIELDS – to position yourself to be used by God. You minimize your time in low value activities and increase your time in the highest value activities that get to CPM.

— Therefore, you and your team search diligently to find God-prepared FIELDS. You live with the simple dichotomy of lost or saved.  

o You hunt for lost persons of peace (or in your oikos) and start witnessing to them. You start by using a simple bridge such as a testimony or a set of questions.

o At the same time, you hunt for saved believers (prioritizing same or near culture partners) that will work alongside you to reach this people group. You bridge into them by casting vision to them of what God can do in and through them and then to train them.

— As lost people listen or saved people get trained, all of you EVANGELIZE broadly Mouth2Ear in a reproducible way through …

o The right fields – persons of peace and their oikos

o Right practices – the 3P’s of Presence, Power and Proclamation

o And the right amount of time – short term pushes and weekly disciplines

— As people believe, they are immediately brought into reproducing DISCIPLESHIP relationships, sometimes one-on-one, but usually one-on-several.  They begin a well-defined process of simple short term discipleship that they immediately pass on to those they are witnessing to through a very reproducible process.  Eventually they enter into a pattern of long term discipleship that enables them to feed themselves from the Word.

— In the discipling process, believers are formed into small groups or reproducing CHURCHES. Usually at about the 4th or 5 th session, the small group becomes a church or part of a church.

— Some of the believers will prove themselves to be reproducing LEADERS that are appropriate for each stage of the work.

— Many believers will go on to REPEAT various parts of the four fields – some will evangelize, some will then disciple/train, some will then form new groups and some will train them to repeat the process.

The spiritual triggering effect of this whole plan is DEATH – the willingness for believers to boldly persevere to see God’s vision fulfilled.  Joyfully counting the cost and boldly persevering are keys to movements being birthed.


Just found Timothy R Botts’ calligraphic illustrations of the Psalms on a bookshelf.

Here is man worthy of the Deuteronomy 6:9 commission 🙂

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Staff Vacancies at my old school:

Hebron School is an international and co-educational residential school that exists to provide an affordable education based on sound Christian principles. It is situated high in the Nilgiri Hills of southern India at an altitude of 7,500 feet in the Hill Station of Ooty which enjoys a temperate climate. There are around 360 pupils aged from 5 to 19 years who study according to the English National Curriculum leading to IGCSE and A Level. Hebron was founded in 1899 to cater for the education of the children of Christian workers and whilst this remains a priority we consider applications from those who need an international education. Pupils currently represent 29 nationalities and staff come from India, the UK, Australia, NZ, the USA, S. Africa, S. Korea & Europe.

For July 2012

Teaching Heads of Departments:

  • Art

  • English

  • Geography

  • Modern Languages

  • Music

  • Physical Education

Teachers of:

  • Design and Technology

  • English

  • French

  • Learning Support / SEN / ESL

  • Music

  • Religious Studies

Prior experience of A level / IGCSE teaching is highly desirable in most cases

Please note: Applicants will only be considered if they are:

  • Committed, practising Christians
  • Fluent in English
  • Suitably qualified – degree plus education diploma/certificate (preferred)
  • Willing to serve for a sacrificial salary
  • Willing to participate fully in the life of a busy boarding school (including extra-curricular activities and Dorm support or parenting)

The needs of the marriage debate:

The needs of the marriage debate:

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