Fire & Fragrance

We’ve got a forerunner team of half a dozen Fire & Fragrance missionaries staying with us over Easter. What is Fire & Fragrance?, I hear you ask. Well, you can have it straight from the horse’s mouth


Fire and Fragrance began as a ministry in 2008 in Kona, HI at the University of the Nations, YWAM. Our desire from the beginning has been to join with what God is already doing all over the world in calling His bride to a fiery devotion to Jesus married to becoming the very fragrance of Christ to the lost. The many heroes and faithful Moms and Dads who have gone before us in modeling this have inspired us to take up that flame and keep it burning. In starting Fire and Fragrance we set out to add committed discipleship to a growing passion for worship, prayer, and mission in this generation. Commissioned by Loren and Darlene Cunningham (founders of YWAM) and poured into by many other leaders in the streams of the body of Christ, our little tribe of fiery followers of Jesus has grown to running training schools in numerous locations, sending outreach teams to every continent, and mobilizing long term teams into a growing number of nations.


Our vision is simple. We desire to train and release an army of joy-filled, cross-bearing, simply-obedient followers of Jesus. We believe in Jesus reviving hearts and nations. We believe that even in the midst of hardship and great darkness that Jesus is awakening His beloved bride and that we are on the verge of one of the greatest harvests in human history! Unto this end we labor: That the lost would be saved, the saved would be revived and all would be trained to multiply the kingdom of God. We have a deep passion for the presence of God, simple gospel proclamation and making Jesus famous in the nations.

There are four main values that we have felt to focus on as a community:

I. Consecrated communities- Set apart to holiness, loving Jesus, the lost and each other. Intentional discipleship and a deep commitment to relationship as the foundation of the kingdom.

II. Living centered around the person, teachings, and presence of Christ- A passion for worship, prayer, intercession, and the study of the scriptures.

III. Revival- To see the lost saved and the bride awakened to live in the fullness of what Jesus died to release into the life of every believer

IV. Cultural Reformation- To see a reformation of individual lives, ways of thinking, the body of Christ and society all based on the life and teachings of Christ


I. Training- We run discipleship training schools as well as other training events such as The School of the Circuit Rider to raise up, train, and equip the body of Christ

II. Outreach- We send dozens of teams all over the world to hold up the arms of those laboring on the ground, to pioneer, and to partner with what God is already doing in the nations.

III. Worship and prayer- We desire to see hundreds of expressions of worship and prayer pioneered all over the world. Worship and prayer are central values every where we go both short term and long term.

IV. Long term community plants- We desire to see hundreds and even thousands of praying, worshiping, gospel proclaiming communities/families planted around the world to walk out the Kingdom in practical and supernatural ways.

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