Partridge In A Pear Tree

Let me speak for a moment in poetic brogue,
— in that accent antique no longer in vogue —
and testify to the wondrous workings of Fate,
— a Divine Plan whose grace I can but understate;
let me wonder now how from sorry circumstance
we’ve arrived at a place where with Joy we can dance!
And though there is much for which I remain waitful,
still more is there for which I am truly grateful.

Cast your consciousness back to a year ago:
my heart was a-chill, though ’twas too warm for snow;
it seemed any pond’rous possibility
of restored relations between You and Me
had been shattered to shards irredeemable
by actions of mine on which we shall not dwell.
But nothing (nothing!) is beyond redemption —
this Truth I have learnt is without exception.

O! casual conversation, which did unleash
my unseen and unspoken private pastiche
of enigmatic emotion too long withheld —
what would be, had You not that stray sentence spell’d?
For that was the spark that brought into the Light
feelings which had lengthy been kept out of sight.
How haphazard the moments on which our lives turn!
(Assuming the Earth eyes Us without concern.

Though perhaps it was part of the purposeful plan
of One whose pow’r obviates all that I am.)
At this point in the story the outcome is still
uncertain (for those not privy to God’s Will).
But Truth and Forgiveness are a potent pair,
when your Soul’s offered for inspection and repair:
in our brokenness His grace is made complete,
in our weakness His splendid strength is replete.

Now upon the ring-finger of my body’s right hand,
there rests the poignant promise of a silver band:
the oath eternal honesty, the pact tenacious Truth —
an elixir more magical than the fountain of youth.
And as we now take part in celebration of
Christmas, we remember the gift of perfect Love.
For though there’s much has happened, still more is yet to come,
but God has kept us safe thus far and God will lead us home.

This poem was written for Taryn, for Christmas ’07.

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