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Life of Pi

You should watch this film, if for no other reason than the fact that former Hebronite Hari Bala makes a brief cameo in this as a librarian confirming the accuracy of π to a couple of hundred decimal places. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find that particular clip — the film’s highlight — anywhere on YouTube. This is an incredible shame, because it is an incredibly powerful example of someone redefining their identity.

As for the rest of the film:

You probably know there’s a twist at the end. Which I think the film makes slightly less subtle than the book (though it’s been ten years since I read the book).

This is a film about the animal inside of every human being, about how every family is therefore something of a zoo, about how ‘God’ language is just stories we use to help redefine who we are. It’s also a story about immigration, about the failed attempt of an Indian family to uproot and move to Canada. And it’s a story about stories, about an author in search of a book to write, and a murderer in search of a story to explain away his evil.

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