De Vrais Mensonges

Some very clever ideas, but the storyline unfortunately slips from clever and intriguing to overly awkward, before an unconvincing last-dash attempt to romantically resolve all the loose ends. But it’s always nice to watch a film in another language.

Rotten Tomatoes: 49%

Fascinating thoughts from one of our guests

(From Mrittunjoy’s blog🙂

So, recently on a couple of occasions I have been to Peter and Taryn Prescott’s home in Cambridge. They are a lovely couple with a few-months old son – Isaac (who interestingly seems pretty intimidated by my glasses, I guess). We have a get-together and lunch, then a little gospel reading and general discussions about life ( I also read from the Bhagavad Gita today). We read an excerpt each time we meet and today I was asked to do so. Today’s verses were from Mark 11…

What We Want

(from Labour Behind The Label)

Labour Behind the Label believes that everyone with a stake in the garment industry has a responsibility to improve working conditions:

Workers need to join together and demand better rights
Consumers need to take ethics into account in the way that they shop and to enter into dialogue with companies
Governments need to step in and defend workers’ rights through legislation
Companies especially the big brands at the top of the supply chain need to lead by example
While all the mainstream clothing companies have a long way to go, some have begun to improve working conditions in their supply chains. What we ask of all companies is that they accept their responsibility for working conditions in all the factories producing their products and adopt a code of conduct that sets out workers’ rights in the workplace.

Labour Behind the Label’s Vision Mission and Values

Our Vision: The distribution of power in the clothing industry is transformed, so that the rights of people at work and in the community are respected.

Our Mission: We support garment workers’ demands, through strategic actions aimed at those involved in the production, marketing and consumption of clothing, as part of the movement for global justice.

Our Values:

We believe transformational change is needed: we won’t pursue short-term goals where this comes at the expense of achieving our long term vision.
We are independent from the clothing industry: we are campaigners, not consultants.
We always take our cue from garment workers or their representatives, above all else.
We try to support and draw together other organisations working in support of garment workers’ rights; we do not try to compete with them.
We emphasise that gender is central to the problems faced by garment workers and the solutions required.