Why America’s TJ Maxx is called TK Maxx in the UK.

In 1976, T.J.Maxx was founded in Framingham, MA, as a nameplate of the Zayre chain of discount department stores. When Zayre sold their own nameplate to Ames, a rival discount department store, Zayre was renamed as “TJX Companies, Incorporated”.

The first European store opened in Bristol in 1994. The company modified the name to T.K. Maxx to avoid “confusion with the established British retail chain TJ Hughes (which is not affiliated with TJX)”.

Thus explains Wikipedia.

The Hundred Foot Journey

I’m a sucker for films that explore cross-cultural interactions, particularly those that bring together Indian and Western culture (English Vinglish, Bend It Like Beckham), and I always get hit by the evocative power of films about food (Ratatouille, Chocolat).

I’m actually not generally a fan of Stephen Spielberg’s films (too slow, too serious) — though I suppose he was just a producer here, not the director.

Anyway this film was wonderful and achingly beautiful. And also full of some brilliant lines.

I particularly appreciated how authentic the Indian patriarch was–his accent, his mannerisms, his Hindi mutterings.

It did perhaps feel though like a book adaptation (which it is) in that towards the end it skimmed through quite a lot of narrative action at considerable speed.

Thankyou to Haley for the recommendation!