Revelation 4-5 & the Meaning of Life

– People might not be interested in talking about ‘spiritual’ things — but everyone wonders about the meaning of life.

– The creatures that are most fully alive (Rev. 4:8 ‘living creatures’) are those consumed by a vision of the holy reality of God. Life’s meaning is found in beholding God’s beauty.

– The tragedy of life is that life’s meaning has been ‘sealed’ from our view, and none of us is worthy (Rev. 5:4) to unseal that revelation. No-one is clever enough, no-one is good enough. But in spite of it being sealed up, still God’s abundant revelation overflows undeniably into our sphere of consciousness (the scroll is written in front and behind! Rev. 5:1) And Jesus has done what no-one else could do (Rev. 5:5) to unseal life’s meaning and reveal and release God’s plans and purposes for creation — and for you and me!

– All of creation is caught up in this whirlwind of loving interaction. At the centre of it all is the Holy Trinity: the three persons of the God-who-is-Love (1 John 4:8) each self-sacrificially glorifying the other; around them the cherubim declaring the holiness of God; around them the elders casting down their crowns; around them myriads of angels; and then all of creation joining in the song of worship.

– In short, the meaning of life is perfect, uncontainable love — and this love can be (and must be!) encountered personally through Jesus.

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