How much does a missionary need?

As missionaries with YWAM, we are all funded individually by supporters who we invite to help us raise as much as we want think we need. Which can make it difficult to know how much is a sensible amount. So I asked my parents, whose mission organization does things slightly more communally, for their advice.

OMF Allowances for a family with 1 child under 12 in the UK
Adult Allowance Adult 1 10,296.00
Adult 2 10,296.00
Child Allowance Under 12 2,550.00
Under 12 2,550.00
Housing Allowance (max) Family 11,169.00
Utilities Allowance (max) Family 4,070.00
Council Tax (max) Family 2,356.00
Pension Contributions Adult 1 2,887.50
Adult 2 2,887.50
National Insurance Adult 1 — as paid, approx. 1,500.00
Adult 2 — as paid, approx. 1,500.00
Total     52,062.00

Note: the above does not include personal ministry expenses, which in YWAM would also need to be included in personal support.

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