This Gay Christian doesn’t want to be discriminated against…

(From Ed Shaw)

“…As a member of the LGBT community that Chalke is kindly seeking to include,, I want firmer and older foundations to my place in the church than his Charter offers me.

Most of all I want a transparently biblical vision of inclusion to be shaping how the church welcomes and accepts me – rather than the ever-changing views of society around me. I don’t want be included on the basis that cultural attitudes have changed but on the basis of the timeless Gospel that Jesus Christ self-sacrificially brought into this world.

That Gospel was famously summarised by Jesus himself in the words: ‘The Kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!’ (Mark 1:15). It’s a message he wonderfully took to all – smashing the gender, social, religious, racial and national barriers of his day for all to see (just read the rest of Mark’s Gospel!). The Gospel is clearly a message that Jesus wants the LGBT community to hear today and Chalke is to be commended for his desire to bring it to us. But the Gospel that I want to hear as a member of that community is just the same Gospel that has been taken to every other group of people down the ages – one that includes the command to ‘Repent!’

I don’t want to be discriminated against by having his call to turn from any of my wrong attitudes and actions taken away. I want Christ’s loving welcome of me to be combined with an equally loving call to change anything he says is not good for me or the society I’m part of…”

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