Seven Questions

A. Seven Coaching Questions
The Kickstart Question: What’s on your mind?
The AWEsome Question: And what else?
The Focus Question: What’s the real challenge for you here?
The Foundational Question: What do you want?
The Lazy Question: What would you like me to do?
The Strategic Question: If you’re saying Yes to this, what are you saying No to?
The Learning Question: What was the most useful part of this conversation for you?

B. Question Masterclass
i. Ask One Question at a time.
ii. Cut the Intro and ask the Question.
iii. Don’t ask Rhetorical Questions.
iv. Stick to Questions starting with ‘What’.
v. Get comfortable with Silence.
vi. Actually listen to the Answer.
vii. Acknowledge the Answers you get.
viii. Use every channel to ask a Question.

from The Coaching Habit

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