Invitation To A Non-Christian To Teach On DTS

I’d like you to teach on TEACHABILITY, which is of course the ABILITY to *be* TEACHed which gives us the ABILITY *to* TEACH. In YWAM, one of our embedded constitutional values is to Do First, then Teach — but our practice is to release young people to share (teach?) God’s love immediately however they can. And I want to welcome you as a HUMAN made in God’s image, and as a HUMANIST who believes in the inalienable dignity, rationality and creativity of all humans (as too am I! — whatever else we each might believe or not believe, and however we each might ground that particular belief about human dignity), and as one of the HUMANEST [and therefore HUMANIST — not necessarily a signifier of secularism: it is in your case, it’s not in mine] HUMANS that I know.

In terms of how it breaks down into four days…
Day One: We don’t want SCHOOL, but we do need TEACHING and LEARNING.
Teachability means never rejecting the opportunity to TEACH or LEARN, WHICHEVER is FIRST! (how to learn, how to teach, your experience as a learner and as a teacher and as someone whose apostolic mission is to TEACH FIRST those who are being badly taught and as someone who is a cross-cultural apostle of apostles who out of your very commitment to worshipping truth as your parents have taught you to do feel unable to affirm the truth of the resurrection of Jesus).

Day Two: We don’t want BANALITY, but we do need INSPIRATION –AND(!) BOREDOM.

Day Three: We don’t want MANIPULATION, but we do need FREEDOM –AND(!) CONTROL.

Day Four: We don’t want DISOWNING, but we do need SOLIDARITY –AND(!) RELEASE.)

I’m taking those titles from page 45 of ‘Faith In Honesty’ which absurdly Amazon seems to be selling for £95 which is utterly absurd. But you can buy a second-hand copy for a fiver. And I will be glad to buy it for you if you can’t (don’t want to?) afford it. It’s a great book which describes a FAITH which we BOTH SHARE.

And it is on the terms of that faith in the need for human HONESTY that I unworriedly welcome you to impart your unique wisdom, revelation, experience, authority, frustrations and faith to the team that will gather for this DTS: ABLAZE!

While you wait for the book to arrive (or indeed if you can’t be bothered to read it), I should define the terms for you:

BANALITY arises from a simple desire to fit in, to not be troubled by questions,

MANIPULATION arises from the desire to dominate, or at least to collude with the powerful,

DISOWNING arises from the desire to feel innocent, in relation to history.

The book is an attempt to be more honestly Epicurean than Epicurus (FREE-SPIRITEDNESS) and more honstly Nietzschean than Nietzsche (CREATIVE INTENSITY), by affirming the vital importance of both but adding a third (RADICALLY OPEN SOLIDARITY).

The author lines up these three criteria for true philosophical HONESTY with the three persons of the Trinity. First-person (Father) theology is about PRIMAL SHAKENNESS; second-person (Jesus) theology is about CLEAN EVANGELISM; third-person (Holy Spirit) theology is about LITURGICAL OPENNESS.

I think you’d enjoy the book, but that’s probably all you NEED to know for the sake of teaching the titles I’ve given you.

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