Observations… 6


India repeatedly bemuses and bewilders me, enchants and infuriates me, dashes my expectations and raises my hopes, breaks my heart and perplexes my mind. To spend another summer there has been a privilege and a joy. I am incredibly grateful to the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, the Churchill Chapel, and Churchill College, for the financial aid which made my travels viable.

I had been thinking of writing a dissertation on Christian ashrams. However, my journeyings have persuaded me that ‘the Christian ashram movement’ is a diverse and pluriform creature that can by no means be simply evaluated at surface level – the multiplicity of ‘Christian ashrams’ are rather an outworking of underlying convictions about the nature of the gospel and the nature of Hinduism. For this reason I have decided that instead of focussing this year on the theological and philosophical meeting points of Hindu and Christian thought, I will instead be better off grappling more closely with the New Testament.

I have not, in this report, provided much in the nature of commentary as to what I made of the things I have seen. One reason for this is that I feel I have seen Christian work that is faithful and thriving, and also that which is the opposite: and it should be obvious which is which.

My heart’s desire for India is that its people would be saved, that the truth of the gospel would spread, that Jesus Christ would be lifted up, that the Holy Spirit would be poured out, that justice and righteousness would flow like a river, that the poor would be blessed, that the knowledge of the glory of the LORD would cover the land as the waters cover the sea. Please join me in prayer. Grace and peace.

Peter Prescott is a final year student at Churchill College, reading Theology. He spent six years at boarding school in South India, before coming up to Cambridge to read Mathematics. A summer in Delhi spent with a Christian NGO serving drug addicts broke his heart for India, and on returning to Cambridge he found himself no longer able to focus on the more cerebral problems of maths. In that next year of academic frustration, the irresistible grace of Jesus took hold of him afresh. He was able, at the end of that year, to switch subjects. He hopes eventually to go to minister in India.

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