unseasonal austerity (2)

In Confessions X.27 Augustine writes:
‘You shed your fragrance about me;
I drew breath and now I gasp for your sweetest odour.
I tasted you, and now I hunger and thirst for you’,
yet in X.33 he writes:
‘I ought not to allow my mind to be paralysed
by the gratification of my senses’.
Is his theology self-contradictory?
(IIA Theology and Religious Studies Tripos Examination 2006)

if i were a lenten fast-er
i would be an easter feast-er
but my life feels at times
(apologies for these ‘rhymes’)
too fast
to fast.

i know
that if we are without
a lenten peace,
hunger to feast
may fail to be within.

for the fast-er to easter moves slowly
for the faster the feaster would move
the more food he may have on his plate
but the less he may come to have ate.


[in dialogue with phil]

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