travel money

rupees in my wallet, left over from last summer: one thousand two hundred and seventy.

cheese stick at virtue bakes: six rupees.

packet of chicken wai wai: ten rupees.

auto-rickshaw from charing cross to almost the top of the hebron drive: thirty rupees, unless you’re an exceptionally canny bargain-maker.

ice cold mazaa: eight rupees.

imitation fubu sweatshirt as sold on gardens road: one hundred and seventy-five rupees.

jacket from the olde leather shoppe, complete with hebron discount: two thousand five hundred rupees.

mysore masala dosa, from nahar garden restaurant: thirty-five rupees.

open-jaw plane ticket, heathrow-bangalore, delhi-heathrow: four hundred and forty two pounds, fifty pence.

travel grants in aid of my himalayan pursuits, courtesy of messrs gladstone and robertson: totalling three hundred pounds.

glass of thanda pani on the side of a delhi road: fifty paise.

being once more in india: priceless.

there are some things money can’t buy, for everything else there’s mastercard icici bank.

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