tutor meeting

so i met my tutor. and signed the piece of paper to declare that i have stayed within however many metres of the great st. mary’s church for ohsomany nights — this is as crucial to the gaining of a cambridge degree as passing les examens, so this is not an achievement to be sniffed at.

and we discussed her sailing adventures through triangles bermudan. and also my future scholastic possibilities. in such a way that i am encouraged, i think.

with great speed, she then must have gone to discuss such uncertainties with the senior tutor, for i received not long after an email which says that should i not get a mathematical 2.i, the question of what will happen will be addressed promptly: college will need to be convinced i can get a theological 2.i, and that this is right for both i and the college; and as for what my potential theological DoS might declare, this only he can say.

so i await thursday’s revelation of results. merciful thanks to those who prayed.

love peter

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