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i talked to the theology DoS — a man from fitz, for at churchill we are all atheists — in an office in the divinity faculty. he said with people switching from maths there were sometimes a need of ‘rescue’ when (usually after the first year) they have completely failed to take to cambridge maths, and are destined to scrape a third; he said if people were switching from an arts subject they would usually demand a 2.i. i said it might be unlikely that i get a 2.i; he didn’t seem unduly bothered. apparently what happens now is he makes a recommendation to the tutorial commitee, and they then decide whether i can switch unconditionally or only if i meet some condition. they meet every couple of weeks or so, and he said i will probably find out as soon as they have made their decision. so that may suddenly spring up on me without warning.

and for now i attempt to learn how to do linear algebra.

he also said that switching as i was, i would only have to (and in fact would only be allowed to) do four papers including a language — i had thought four papers plus a language (making five). so i think i would do paul’s epistles, introduction to theology, life and thought of hinduism and buddhism, and sanskrit. he also said that i would have been able to do both years of the part 2, *if* i had informed my LEA before december, but as i haven’t done this he said it would be impossible to switch now from a three year to a four year course.

no-one had previously said anything about this: how do i get in touch with my LEA to make sure? i would still like to do both years if possible, but if not, then i suppose that’s God closing the door.

keeping you informed,
love peter

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